Symbolic Dynamics and chaotic synchronization


Chaotic communications schemes based on synchronization aim to provide security over the conventional communication schemes. Symbolic dynamics based on synchronization methods has provided high quality synchronization [5]. Symbolic dynamics is a rigorous way to investigate chaotic behavior with finite precision and can be used combined with information theory [13]. In previous works we have studied the kneading theory analysis of the Duffing equation [3] and the symbolic dynamics and chaotic synchronization in coupled Duffing oscillators [2] and [4]. In this work we consider the complete synchronization of two identical coupled unimodal and bimodal maps. We relate the synchronization with the symbolic dynamics, namely, defining a distance between the kneading sequences generated by the map iterates in its critical points and defining n-symbolic synchronization. We establish the synchronization in terms of the topological entropy of two unidirectional or bidirectional coupled piecewise linear unimodal and bimodal maps. We also give numerical simulations with coupled Duffing oscillators that exhibit numerical evidence of the n-symbolic synchronization

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