സമുദ്രത്തിലെ ജൈവസമ്പത്തും ഉല്പാദനവും (The organic wealth and fish production in the sea)


It is well known that all life in the sea depends primarily om the conversion of carbon and nitrogen into protoplasm. This process is mainly carried out by the microscopic plants known as phytoplankton or micro-algae. They absorb the nutrients from the surroundings and convert them into starch, fat and protein with the help of chlorophyll pigments and sunlight. Just as on land, in the sea also, animal life is not possible without plants. Plants form the food of herbivores and the herbivores nourish the carnivores. No life including fish can exist in seawater without phytoplankton. They are the primary producers and their importance lies in the fact that they are photosynthetic organisms and sewe as the first link in the food chain. They are known as the grass of the sea and are the most important among the prime synthesizers of food in water

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