Four-neutrino analysis of 1.5km-baseline reactor antineutrino oscillations


The masses of sterile neutrinos are not yet known, and depending on the orders of magnitudes, their existence may explain reactor anomalies or the spectral shape of reactor neutrino events at 1.5km-baseline detector. Here, we present four-neutrino analysis of the results announced by RENO and Daya Bay, which performed the definitive measurements of ΞΈ13\theta_{13} based on the disappearance of reactor antineutrinos at km-order baselines. Our results using 3+1 scheme include the exclusion curve of Ξ”m412\Delta m^2_{41} vs. ΞΈ14\theta_{14} and the adjustment of ΞΈ13\theta_{13} due to correlation with ΞΈ14\theta_{14}. The value of ΞΈ13\theta_{13} obtained by RENO and Daya Bay with a three-neutrino oscillation analysis is included in the 1Οƒ1\sigma interval of ΞΈ13\theta_{13} allowed by our four-neutrino analysis.Comment: 14 pages, 7 figures. arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1303.617

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