File 6: Robust laser ablation Lu–Hf dating of apatite: an empirical evaluation


Apatite Lu–Hf results for all analysed samples (tab names refer to the four study areas), including data for the analytical standards. Columns D–L report isotopic ratios and uncertainties that are not corrected against the OD-306 reference apatite. Columns M–Q report the matrix-corrected (against OD-306 apatite) Lu–Hf data that were used to calculate the inverse isochrons and resulting Lu–Hf ages. Corrected single spot 176Hf/176Lu ratios and associated ages for individual grains (where relevant) are reported in columns W–AA. See text for more details. In addition, grain sizes are reported for the Queensland samples in column AB (surface area in mm2). A qualitative assessment of the intactness of the grains is reported in column AC

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