BFKL QCD Pomeron in High Energy Hadron Collisions: Inclusive Dijet Production


We calculate inclusive dijet production cross section in high energy hadron collisions within the BFKL resummation formalism for the QCD Pomeron. Unlike the previous calculations with the Pomeron developing only between tagging jets, we include also the Pomerons which are adjacent to the hadrons. With these adjacent Pomerons we define a new object --- the BFKL structure function of hadron --- which enables one to calculate the inclusive dijet production for any rapidity intervals. We present predictions for the K-factor and the azimuthal angle decorrelation in the inclusive dijet production for Fermilab-Tevatron and CERN-LHC energies.Comment: 8 pages, Latex, 3 figs. as a separate uuencoded compressed tar fil

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