How to acknowledge the use of CORE

If you use CORE in your work, you should acknowledge it as follows:

  1. In research papers: provide an explicit citation to one or more of our relevant research outputs. Please, do not just provide a URL to CORE in a footnote.

  2. A website using/powered by CORE: we expect an attribution at the project’s main page by using CORE’s logo or the powered by CORE.

  3. Where CORE feeds individual resources, e.g. research articles, into a third party system: provide a provenance link back to the relevant CORE entity. We also encourage the use of the CORE’s logo or the powered by CORE.

You authorise us to use the logo of your project on our website and mentioning our support to you.

We reserve the right to withdraw our approval for use of CORE at any time by giving you a 30-day notice.