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    Finite-size effects in amorphous Fe90Zr10/Al75Zr25 multilayers

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    The thickness dependence of the magnetic properties of amorphous Fe90Zr10 layers has been explored using Fe90Zr10/Al75Zr25 multilayers. The Al75Zr25 layer thickness is kept at 40 \AA, while the thickness of the Fe90Zr10 layers is varied between 5 and 20 \AA. The thickness of the Al75Zr25 layers is sufficiently large to suppress any significant interlayer coupling. Both the Curie temperature and the spontaneous magnetization decrease non-linearly with decreasing thickness of the Fe90Zr10 layers. No ferromagnetic order is observed in the multilayer with 5 {\AA} Fe90Zr10 layers. The variation of the Curie temperature TcT_c with the Fe90Zr10 layer thickness tt is fitted with a finite-size scaling formula [1-\Tc(t)/\Tc(\infty)]=[(t-t')/t_0]^{-\lambda}, yielding őĽ=1.2\lambda=1.2, and a critical thickness t‚Ä≤=6.5t'=6.5 \AA, below which the Curie temperature is zero.Comment: 8 pages, 8 figure
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