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    Governance, rational choice and new public management (npm): a general view (and some critics)

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    This article aims to study the New Public Management (NPM), one of the main trends associated to neoliberalism. It studies governance to show its general, wider and abstract scope. It also focuses on the Rational Choice as an important theory about governance, a basis for NPM. And it observes the neoliberal foundations of NPM, showing critical aspects of its real practice. Methodology: hypothetical deductive method of research, with a qualitative and critical approach and bibliographic-documental research technique. As results of this research, we can conclude that: i) the ideological usage of NPM has been expressed in a culture of minimal state and government - but in practice, such culture, when embossing implemented reforms, seldom reverted the role of the state, destroyed social safety nets, and placed the tax burden on the working majority rather than on the wealthy elite; ii) advocates for NPM have Western-shaped minds, generally making erroneous assumptions about institutions and cultures, which may be present in Anglo-American countries, but not in other culturally different ones; iii) in practice, NPM reforms were imposed to low-income countries by donor institutions to adjust their states for good governance - but those reforms did not solve problems with inefficiency and corruption. This work is original and valuable because it shows that even when public policies highlight the importance of less state intervention, solid norms and institutions are always necessary, and because it helps demystifying discourses that simply put that less state/more market politics can be valuable everywhere

    Aproximative solutions to the neutrino oscillation problem in matter

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    We present approximative solutions to the neutrino evolution equation calculated by different methods. In a two neutrino framework, using the physical parameters which gives the main effects to neutrino oscillations from nu{e} to another flavors for L=3000Km and E=1GeV, the results for the transition probability calculated by using series solutions, by to take the neutrino evolution operator as a product of ordered partial operators and by numerical methods, for a linearly and sinusoidally varying matter density are compared. The extension to an arbitrary density profile is discussed and the evolution operator as a product of partial operators in the three neutrino case is obtained.Comment: 12 pages, 5 figure

    Generation of Superposition States and Charge-Qubit Relaxation Probing in a Circuit

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    We demonstrate how a superposition of coherent states can be generated for a microwave field inside a coplanar transmission line coupled to a single superconducting charge qubit, with the addition of a single classical magnetic pulse for chirping of the qubit transition frequency. We show how the qubit dephasing induces decoherence on the field superposition state, and how it can be probed by the qubit charge detection. The character of the charge qubit relaxation process itself is imprinted in the field state decoherence profile.Comment: 6 pages, 4 figure

    State reconstruction of finite dimensional compound systems via local projective measurements and one-way classical communication

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    For a finite dimensional discrete bipartite system, we find the relation between local projections performed by Alice, and Bob post-selected state dependence on the global state submatrices. With this result the joint state reconstruction problem for a bipartite system can be solved with strict local projections and one-way classical communication. The generalization to multipartite systems is straightforward.Comment: 4 pages, 1 figur
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