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    Travelling wave solutions to the KPP equation with branching noise arising from initial conditions with compact support

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    We consider the one-dimensional KPP-equation driven by space-time white noise and extend the construction of travelling wave solutions arising from Heavyside initial data from [Tribe, 1996, MR1396765] to non-negative continuous functions with compact support. As an application the existence of travelling wave solutions is used to prove that the support of any solution is recurrent. As a by-product, several upper measures are introduced that allow for a stochastic domination of any solution to the SPDE at a fixed point in time.Comment: 28 page

    Toward a Taylor rule for fiscal policy

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    This paper presents a procedure to determine policy feedback rules in dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models. We illustrate our approach with fiscal feedback rules for tax instruments in a standard medium-scale DSGE model. First, we approximate the optimal dynamic behavior of the economy using simple linear feedback rules. Then we calculate the elasticities of the model variables' moments with respect to the feedback coefficients. The feedback coefficients associated with the highest elasticities form the policy feedback rules to be estimated. Our results stress the importance of carefully modeled fiscal tax policy in two dimensions: (i) with respect to the dynamic responses of fiscal policy to exogenous shocks and (ii) with respect to the historical shock decomposition of fiscal policy. --Fiscal policy,Bayesian model estimation,Identification