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    Heavy Flavors in High Energy ep Collisions

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    Most recent measurements of open charm and beauty production in high energy ep collisions at HERA are reviewed. The measurements explored the different aspects of quantum chromodynamics involved in the process of heavy flavor production. The results are compared with perturbative theoretical calculations at next-to-leading order.Comment: 6 pages including figures, to be published in the proceedings of XXXV International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics (ISMD), Kromeriz, Czech Republic, August 9-15, 200

    Aspect-Oriented Programming with Type Classes

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    We consider the problem of adding aspects to a strongly typed language which supports type classes. We show that type classes as supported by the Glasgow Haskell Compiler can model an AOP style of programming via a simple syntax-directed transformation scheme where AOP programming idioms are mapped to type classes. The drawback of this approach is that we cannot easily advise functions in programs which carry type annotations. We sketch a more principled approach which is free of such problems by combining ideas from intentional type analysis with advanced overloading resolution strategies. Our results show that type-directed static weaving is closely related to type class resolution -- the process of typing and translating type class programs