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    Decentralized Anonymous User Authentication For Securing Data Storage in Cloud

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    The main objective of system is secure data storage on clouds. Cloud checks the authentication of the user without knowing the user’s identity. For encryption use Attribute Base Encryption algorithm (ABE) in which encryption is takes place and also set access policies. Decryption is only possible for valid users in Access control policy. System prevents replay attacks because of Attribute Base Signature algorithm (ABS) and provides the facilities for creation, modification, and reading data stored in the cloud. This scheme provides facility for user revocation by that user cannot access the data. Therefore, emphasize that cloud should take a decentralized approach which is robust instead of using access control schemes designed for clouds which are centralized. In this scheme there is one limitation is that the cloud already know the access policy for each record or user stored in the cloud. In future, system can also hide the attributes and access policy of a user. DOI: 10.17762/ijritcc2321-8169.15010


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