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    Private Violence, Public Wrongs, and the Responsibility of States

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    This Article will discuss the decisions of the Inter-American Court, comparing them with U.S. judicial decisions involving “state action” and private conduct. It will point out the evolution in international law from restraints on the exercise of state power, to the more generalized obligation of ensuring respect for human rights. This Article concludes that the American Convention provides guarantees for individual rights that are lacking in U.S. constitutional law

    Our teachers: Collected memories of primary education in Derbyshire schools from 1944 - 2009

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    This paper presents findings from narrative interviews undertaken with 24 narrators who attended primary school in the decades from 1944 - 2009. Deductive themes were first selected by examining the quantity of content and relevance to the study. Four deductive themes were drawn from the narrators’ recollections: Our Teachers; The Lessons We Learned; Our Friendships and the Games We Played and finally The Books we Read. The focus of this paper is on the findings from one of the deductive themes: Our Teachers. Once the stories had been transcribed, they were analysed for inductive themes. These were identified as: Pupil-teacher relationship, noted across each of the decades. A gendered workforce, reflected in each decade, except 1999-2009. Teacher personality was common across all decades. Corporal punishment was common in the decades from 1944-1987, but not present after 1987. Finally, Teacher professionalism was a prevalent theme in most decades except 1999-2009. Key findings related to the connections that come with the relationship the teacher forms with their pupils. Teachers who break the mould are well remembered by pupils. The nature of the primary school workforce has changed since 1944, and is now perceived as being female dominated. Because of changes to legislation, the role of the teacher has evolved, the changes in professional behaviour are noted in the narrators’ stories, from decade to decade.N/

    Tolkien and the Classics (2019) edited by Roberto Arduini, Giampaolo Canzonieri and Claudio A. Testi

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    Book review, by Luke Shelton, of Tolkien and the Classics (2019), edited by Roberto Arduini, Giampaolo Canzonieri and Claudio A. Test

    Family Memoirs

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    Eomer Gets Poetic: Tolkien\u27s Alliterative Versecraft

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    Throughout Tolkien\u27s professional career he dealt with a great number of texts that had varying views on the heroic, the romantic, the everyday world, and the role of Faerie. One consistent tendency among them, though, is to treat the past, and particularly Anglo-Saxon heritage, with a great deal of respect while trying to find ways to incorporate themes or ideas from that time into his own imaginative subcreations. Tolkien\u27s use of alliterative verse serves to re-contextualize an ancient heroic ethos in a way that shows how heroism has changed, and must change, for the modern world. This paper examines Tolkien’s use of alliterative poetry in the climactic “Battle of Pelennor Fields” in Book V of The Lord of the Rings. It provides two important insights into Tolkien’s poetry: the fidelity that Tolkien has to traditional alliterative verse form and the impact that inclusion of this medieval poetry has on a modern audience

    The Life and Miracles of Fisher Alumnus…

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    In lieu of an abstract, below is the essay\u27s first paragraph. My name is Ken Shelton and I am 26 years old. I am a 1999 graduate from Spencer-Van Etten Jr./Sr. High School, of Spencer New York, and a 2003 graduate from St. John Fisher College, where I earned a BA in Religious Studies, with a minor in Philosophy
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