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    Exact form factors for the Josephson tunneling current and relative particle number fluctuations in a model of two coupled Bose-Einstein condensates

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    Form factors are derived for a model describing the coherent Josephson tunneling between two coupled Bose-Einstein condensates. This is achieved by studying the exact solution of the model in the framework of the algebraic Bethe ansatz. In this approach the form factors are expressed through determinant representations which are functions of the roots of the Bethe ansatz equations.Comment: 11 pages, latex, no figures, final version to appear in Lett. Math. Phy

    Chinese Internet AS-level Topology

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    We present the first complete measurement of the Chinese Internet topology at the autonomous systems (AS) level based on traceroute data probed from servers of major ISPs in mainland China. We show that both the Chinese Internet AS graph and the global Internet AS graph can be accurately reproduced by the Positive-Feedback Preference (PFP) model with the same parameters. This result suggests that the Chinese Internet preserves well the topological characteristics of the global Internet. This is the first demonstration of the Internet's topological fractality, or self-similarity, performed at the level of topology evolution modeling.Comment: This paper is a preprint of a paper submitted to IEE Proceedings on Communications and is subject to Institution of Engineering and Technology Copyright. If accepted, the copy of record will be available at IET Digital Librar

    Is there a global model of learning organizations? An empirical, cross-nation study

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    This paper develops and tests a learning organization model derived from HRM and dynamic capability literatures in order to ascertain the model’s applicability across divergent global contexts. We define a learning organization as one capable of achieving on-going strategic renewal, arguing based on dynamic capability theory that the model has three necessary antecedents: HRM focus, developmental orientation and customer-facing remit. Drawing on a sample comprising nearly 6000 organizations across 15 countries, we show that learning organizations exhibit higher performance than their less learning-inclined counterparts. We also demonstrate that innovation fully mediates the relationship between our conceptualization of the learning organization and organizational performance in 11 of the 15 countries we examined. It is the first time in our knowledge that these questions have been tested in a major, cross- global study, and our work contributes to both HRM and dynamic capability literatures, especially where the focus is the applicability of best practice parameters across national boundaries

    Macroscopical Entangled Coherent State Generator in V configuration atom system

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    In this paper, we propose a scheme to produce pure and macroscopical entangled coherent state. When a three-level ''V'' configuration atom interacts with a doubly reasonant cavity, under the strong classical driven condition, entangled coherent state can be generated from vacuum fields. An analytical solution for this system under the presence of cavity losses is also given

    Exact solvability in contemporary physics

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    We review the theory for exactly solving quantum Hamiltonian systems through the algebraic Bethe ansatz. We also demonstrate how this theory applies to current studies in Bose-Einstein condensation and metallic grains which are of nanoscale size.Comment: 23 pages, no figures, to appear in ``Classical and Quantum Nonlinear Integrable Systems'' ed. A. Kund