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    Pescator Dell\u27 Onda

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    Of late so brightly glowing, Lovely rose,We here beheld thee growing, Lovely rose;Thous seem\u27st some angel\u27s care,Summer\u27s breath was warm a-round thee,Summer\u27s beam with beauty crowned thee,So sweetly fair.Thou seem\u27st some angel\u27s care, Summer\u27s breath was warm around thee, Summer\u27s beam with beauty crowned thee,So sweetly fair. The blast too rudely blowing, Lovely rose,Thy tender form o\u27erthrowing, Lovely rose,Alas! hath laid thee low.Now amid thy native bed,Envious weeds with branches spread, Unkindly grow. No freshening dew of morning, Lovely rose,Thy infant buds adorning, Lovely rose,To thee shall day restore.Zephyrs soft, that late caressed thee,Evening smiles, that parting blessed thee, Return no more. Che cosa voul ch\u27io peschi!Fidulin.L\u27Anel, c he m\u27e casca,Colla, bella, &c. Ti daro Cento Scudi,Fidulin.Sta borsa ricama,Colla bella, &c. Non voglio Cento Scuid,Fidulin.ne borsa ricama,Colla bella, &c. Io vo bazin d\u27amore,Fidulin.Che quel mi paghera,Colla bella sua boccaColla bella se ne va.Fidulin

    Evaluation of forest decontamination using radiometric measurements

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    An experiment has been conducted to evaluate the additional dose reduction by clear felling contaminated forestry in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, and using the timber to cover the areas with wood chips. A portable gamma spectrometry system, comprising a backpack containing a 3x3” NaI(Tl) detector with digital spectrometer and GPS receiver, has been used to map dose rate and radionuclide activity concentrations before, after and at stages during this experiment. The data show the effect of the different stages of the experiment on dose rate at different locations around the site. The spectrometric data have allowed the assessment of the contributions of natural and anthropogenic radionuclides to the dose rate at different parts of the site before and after the experiment. This has clearly demonstrated the value of radiometric methods in evaluating remediation, and the effect of other environmental processes. The value of spectrometric methods which directly measure radionuclide concentrations has also been shown, especially through the identification of the contribution of natural and anthropogenic activity to the measured dose rate. The experiment has shown that clearing trees and applying wood chips can reduce dose rates by 10-15% beyond that achieved by just clearing the forest litter and natural redistribution of radiocaesium


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    In order to study the effect of radioactive thermal bath on mineral substances in blood, the author bathed rabbits in Misasa Hot Spring (Yamada-Yu) once daily for 5 minutes dnring the successive 3 weeks, and determined potassium, calcium, sodium, chloride and protein levels in serum before and after the bath every week. The radon content of Yamada-Yu was 300-600×10(-10) curies per liter, its water temperature being 42-44°C. at that time. In the early stage of serial baths calcium decreased, and potassium, sodium, chloride and protein content increased. But in the later stage a reversed tendency was recognized. It was concluded that radioactive thermal baths of Misasa had no peculiar effect on mineral substances in rabbit's serum, compared with the effects of the other kinds of thermal bath


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    The author investigated experimentally effect of the Japanese mineral waters (19 thermals and 6 cold springs) and 20 kinds of salt solutions upon the isolated small intestine of rabbit by Magnus' method. Most waters showed a tendency to decrease the longitudinal tonus and the amplitude of the pendulum movement, but a few showed an increasing effect on the amplitude of the pendulum movement. Only few kinds of waters, for example acid vitriol springs and sulfated calcium springs, had an effect characteristic of their chemical classification. Therefore the effect of minesal waters must be judged with the synthetic consideration on the total action of their whole constituents. Concerning the natural radioactive waters in Japan studied this time no peculiar effect was recognized

    Exploring Student’s Ability in Applying Writing Mechanism in Recount Text

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    This study is carried out with the purposed that after gives the test by recount text. The students are hoped can be able to increase their ability in applying writing mechanism. This study is non-experimental research. Non-experimental is used as the mean in collecting the data. The population of this study was the students at the Third Grade of MAN Model Sorong in the years 2014/2015, by the number were 180 students. The sample of this study was the students of XII IPA I by the number were 23 students. The writer used only one test and non-experimental design in this study. The result of study was presented into tables and had explained by percentage. In analysing data, the writer used table of category and score range in writing based on Sahidu. The result of this study showed that there were 11 students in excellent category (47,8%), 7 students in good category (30,4%), 4 students in average category (17.3%) and the last in poor category 1 student (4,34%). The mean from 23 students, there are 11 students almost writing perfectly in using the 6 elements in punctuation and capital letters. The writer concluded that ability of the students in XII IPA I in MAN MODEL Sorong was used capital letters and punctuation good enough