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    Orchestrating High–Quality Middle School Band Music

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    Preventing the Unnecessary Losses of Alzheimer\u27s Disease

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    Educational Objectives 1. To state the importance of early detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer\u27s disease. 2. To describe common concerns of people in the early stages of Alzheimer\u27s disease. 3. To describe interventions to help people who have recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer\u27s disease or other dementias

    Science and Paranormal Phenomena

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    In order to ground my approach to the study of paranormal phenomena, I first explain my operational approach to physics, and to the ``historical'' sciences of cosmic, biological, human, social and political evolution. I then indicate why I believe that ``paranormal phenomena'' might --- but need not --- fit into this framework. I endorse the need for a new theoretical framework for the investigation of this field presented by Etter and Shoup at this meeting. I close with a short discussion of Ted Bastin's contention that paranormal phenomena should be {\it defined} as contradicting physics.Comment: LaTex, 10 page
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