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    Fast-response frequency-to-analog converter

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    Frequency-to-analog converter has a fast response time and a low ripple. The circuit uses a frequency-to-pulse converter which provides two pulse trains, both at the same frequency as that of the input signal, but with a 10 microsecond difference between the trains

    Frequency to Analog Converter

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    Frequency to analog converters with unipolar field effect transistor for determining potential charge by pulse duration of input signa

    Supersymmetric Flaxion

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    Recently, a new minimal extension of the Standard Model has been proposed, where a spontaneously broken, flavor-dependent global U(1) symmetry is introduced. It not only explains the hierarchical flavor structure in the quark and lepton sector, but also solves the strong CP problem by identifying the Nambu-Goldstone boson as the QCD axion, which we call flaxion. In this work, we consider supersymmetric extensions of the flaxion scenario. We study the CP and flavor violations due to supersymmetric particles, the effects of R-parity violations, the cosmological gravitino and axino problems, and the cosmological evolution of the scalar partner of the flaxion, sflaxion. We also propose an attractor-like inflationary model where the flaxion multiplet contains the inflaton field, and show that a consistent cosmological scenario can be obtained, including inflation, leptogenesis, and dark matter.Comment: 30 pages, 2 figures; v2: version published in JHE


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    京都大学新制・課程博士博士(人間・環境学)甲第23264号人博第979号新制||人||232(附属図書館)2020||人博||979(吉田南総合図書館)京都大学大学院人間・環境学研究科相関環境学専攻(主査)教授 阪上 雅昭, 教授 谷口 一美, 准教授 森口 佑介学位規則第4条第1項該当Doctor of Human and Environmental StudiesKyoto UniversityDGA

    Analytical solution of the geodesic equation in Kerr-(anti) de Sitter space-times

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    The complete analytical solutions of the geodesic equations in Kerr-de Sitter and Kerr-anti-de Sitter space-times are presented. They are expressed in terms of Weierstrass elliptic p, zeta, and sigma functions as well as hyperelliptic Kleinian sigma functions restricted to the one-dimensional theta-divisor. We analyze the dependency of timelike geodesics on the parameters of the space-time metric and the test-particle and compare the results with the situation in Kerr space-time with vanishing cosmological constant. Furthermore, we systematically can find all last stable spherical and circular orbits and derive the expressions of the deflection angle of flyby orbits, the orbital frequencies of bound orbits, the periastron shift, and the Lense-Thirring effect.Comment: 18 pages, 11 figure