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    Approximation algorithms for Capacitated Facility Location Problem with Penalties

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    In this paper, we address the problem of capacitated facility location problem with penalties (CapFLPP) paid per unit of unserved demand. In case of uncapacitated FLP with penalties demands of a client are either entirely met or are entirely rejected and penalty is paid. In the uncapacitated case, there is no reason to serve a client partially. Whereas, in case of CapFLPP, it may be beneficial to serve a client partially instead of not serving at all and, pay the penalty for the unmet demand. Charikar et. al. \cite{charikar2001algorithms}, Jain et. al. \cite{jain2003greedy} and Xu- Xu \cite{xu2009improved} gave 33, 22 and 1.85261.8526 approximation, respectively, for the uncapacitated case . We present (5.83+ϵ)(5.83 + \epsilon) factor for the case of uniform capacities and (8.532+ϵ)(8.532 + \epsilon) factor for non-uniform capacities

    Shale gas - How does it affect the Gas market?

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    B-parameters of 4-fermion operators from lattice QCD

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    This talk summarizes the status of the calculations of BKB_K, B7B_7, B8B_8, and BsB_s, done in collaboration with T. Bhattacharya, G. Kilcup, and S. Sharpe. Results for staggered, Wilson, and Clover fermions are presented.Comment: 3 pages. Package submitted in uufiles format: unpack and latex paper.tex. Talk presented at LATTICE97 (Light Hadron Phenomenology