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    Values For Libraries, Conference 2000 Featured Speaker

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    Mr. Gorman\u27s paper dealt with j the values of our profession based on a humanistic analysis of more than 40 years work in libraries and the scant but important body of writing on the philosophy, ethics, and values of librarianship

    Augustine’s Use of Neoplatonism in Confessions VII: A Response to Peter King

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    A modified version of Michael Gorman's comments on Peter King’s paper at the 2004 Henle Conference.  Above all, an account of Augustine’s purposes in discussing Neoplatonism in Confessions VII, showing why Augustine does not tell us certain things we wish he would. In my commentary I will address the following topics: (i) what it means to speak of the philosophically interesting points in Augustine; (ii) whether Confessions VII is really about the Trinity; (iii) Augustine‘s intentions in Confessions VII; (iv) King‘s hypostatic interpretation‖;(v) Christology

    Values for Human-to-Human Reference

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    published or submitted for publicatio

    Barker, Town of and International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), AFL-CIO, Local 317

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    In the matter of the fact-finding between the Town of Barker, employer, and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), AFL-CIO, Local 317, union. PERB case no. M2015-259. Before: Timothy W. Gorman, fact finder

    Village of Horseheads, NY and CSEA Local 1000, Unit #6359

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    In the matter of the fact-finding between the Village of Horseheads, NY, employer, and CSEA Local 1000, Unit#6359, union. PERB case no. 2011-146. Before: Timothy W. Gorman, fact finder

    Relationships Between Vocabulary Size, Working Memory, and Phonological Awareness in Spanish-Speaking English Language Learners

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    Purpose: The goals of this study were to evaluate the impact of short-term phonological awareness (PA) instruction presented in children\u27s first language (L1; Spanish) on gains in their L1 and second language (L2; English) and to determine whether relationships exist between vocabulary size, verbal working memory, and PA in Spanish-speaking English language learners (ELLs). Method: Participants included 25 kindergartners who received PA instruction and 10 controls. A 2-way within-subjects repeated measures multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) was conducted to evaluate gains. Relationships between PA gains, Spanish and English vocabulary, and memory, as measured using nonword repetition and experimental working memory tasks, were analyzed using correlation and regression analyses. Results: Results indicated significant and equivalent gains in both languages of children in the experimental group and no gains in the control group. Spanish vocabulary size was significantly related to PA gains in both languages and was more strongly related to English gains than was English vocabulary size. The memory tasks predicted gains in each language in distinct ways. Conclusion: Results support the conclusion that PA instruction and strong vocabulary skills in an individual\u27s L1 benefit PA development in both the L1 and L2. Results also indicate that dynamic relationships exist between vocabulary size, storage and processing components of working memory, and PA development in both languages of ELLs

    Deposit Central School District and Deposit Teachers Association, NYSUT

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    In the matter of the fact-finding between the Deposit Central School District, employer, and the Deposit Teachers Association, NYSUT, union. PERB case no. M2010-300. Before: Timothy W. Gorman, fact finder

    Cross-Linguistic Universals in Reading Acquisition with Applications to English-Language Learners with Reading Disabilities

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    There is a considerable gap in English reading achievement between English-language learners and native speakers in the United States. Differentiation of whether English language learners’ struggles are symptomatic of reading disability or related to second language acquisition is often challenging. These issues highlight the need for increased insight into reading development and disability in this population. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of cross-linguistic universals in reading acquisition, how reading disabilities manifest in various languages, and whether diagnostic and instructional approaches that are effective for native English speakers are also appropriate for English-language learners. Recommendations for assessment and intervention practices for at-risk and reading-disabled English-language learners are provided
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