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    Diffraction in Charged Current DIS

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    We present the QCD calculation of the diffractive structure function for charged current DIS. In particular we analyse the perturbatively tractable excitation of heavy quarks. We emphasize the peculiarities of the Regge factorization breaking in excitation of open charm.Comment: 16 pages LateX, 5 eps figures include

    Review of studies about quantum communication and foundations of quantum mechanics at IENGF

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    In this proceeding I review the main experimental results obtained at IENGF (Turin, Italy) by using a source of entangled photons realised superposing, by means of an optical condenser, type I PDC produced in two crystals. More in details, after having described how this source is built, I will report on a Bell inequalities test obtained with it. Then I describe a recent innovative double slit experiment realised with a similar scheme. Finally, I hint about future developments of this activity at IENGF and in particular about a quantum cryptographic scheme in d=4.Comment: to appear as invited talk in: SPIE Proceedings on Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging (2003

    Real applications of quantum imaging

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    In the last years the possibility of creating and manipulating quantum states of light has paved the way to the development of new technologies exploiting peculiar properties of quantum states, as quantum information, quantum metrology & sensing, quantum imaging ... In particular Quantum Imaging addresses the possibility of overcoming limits of classical optics by using quantum resources as entanglement or sub-poissonian statistics. Albeit quantum imaging is a more recent field than other quantum technologies, e.g. quantum information, it is now substantially mature for application. Several different protocols have been proposed, some of them only theoretically, others with an experimental implementation and a few of them pointing to a clear application. Here we present a few of the most mature protocols ranging from ghost imaging to sub shot noise imaging and sub Rayleigh imaging.Comment: REVIEW PAPE

    Social media challenges mean that the next Italian government may have to fix the rules dictated by the “Par Condicio” law

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    This weekend’s Italian elections are in the spotlight because of their importance to the financial stability of the Eurozone. They also raise questions about media regulation because they will be the first under a controversial new impartiality regime – that also applies to smartphones. Jacopo Genovese considers whether fair elections might be achieved more easily through policies addressing the concentration of media ownership
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