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    Streamline Simulation to Improve Polymer Enhanced Oil Recovery for a Mature Oil Field in Austria

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    Coexistence of qubit effects

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    Two quantum events, represented by positive operators (effects), are coexistent if they can occur as possible outcomes in a single measurement scheme. Equivalently, the corresponding effects are coexistent if and only if they are contained in the ranges of a single (joint) observable. Here we give several equivalent characterizations of coexistent pairs of qubit effects. We also establish the equivalence between our results and those obtained independently by other authors. Our approach makes explicit use of the Minkowski space geometry inherent in the four-dimensional real vector space of selfadjoint operators in a two-dimensional complex Hilbert space

    Songs in Middle-earth

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    Wisconsin school counselor perceptions of school climate experiences of gay and lesbian youth

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    Transforming evidence: A discursive evaluation of narrative therapy case studies

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    A recent shift in American Psychological Association policy for what constitutes as evidence in psychotherapy has resulted in the inclusion of qualitative methodologies. Narrative therapy is a discursive therapy that is theoretically incongruent with the prevailing gold standard of experimental methodology in psychotherapy outcome evaluation. By using a discursive evaluation methodology that is congruent with narrative therapy this study of six peer-reviewed narrative therapy case articles found shifts in client positioning in the transformation from medical pathology discourses to strength-based discourses. It is concluded that five out of six case studies coherently demonstrated the effectiveness of narrative therapy with positive outcomes for clients and that a discursive evaluation has utility in producing a thick description of therapeutic outcome

    Just How Final are Today's Quantum Structures?

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    I present a selection of conceptual and mathematical problems in the foundations of modern physics as they derive from the title question. Contribution to a panel session, "Springer Forum: Quantum Structures -- Physical, Mathematical and Epistemological Problems", held at the Biannual Symposium of the International Quantum Structures Association, Liptovsky Jan, September 1998. To appear in journal: Soft Computing (2001).Comment: 3 pages, tcilate
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