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    Serving to secure "Global Korea": Gender, mobility, and flight attendant labor migrants

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    This dissertation is an ethnography of mobility and modernity in contemporary South Korea (the Republic of Korea) following neoliberal restructuring precipitated by the Asian Financial Crisis (1997). It focuses on how comparative ‚Äúservice,‚ÄĚ ‚Äúsecurity,‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúsafety‚ÄĚ fashioned ‚ÄúGlobal Korea‚ÄĚ: an ongoing state-sponsored project aimed at promoting the economic, political, and cultural maturation of South Korea from a once notoriously inhospitable, ‚Äúbackward‚ÄĚ country (hujin‚Äôguk) to a now welcoming, ‚Äúadvanced country‚ÄĚ (sŇŹnjin‚Äôguk). Through physical embodiments of the culturally-specific idiom of ‚Äúsuperior‚ÄĚ service (sŇŹbisŇ≠), I argue that aspiring, current, and former Korean flight attendants have driven the production and maintenance of this national project. More broadly, as a driver of this national project, this occupation has emerged out of the country‚Äôs own aspirational flights from an earlier history of authoritarian rule, labor violence, and xenophobia. Against the backdrop of the Korean state‚Äôs aggressive neoliberal restructuring, globalization efforts, and current ‚ÄúHell Chosun‚ÄĚ (HelchosŇŹn) economy, a group of largely academically and/or class disadvantaged young women have been able secure individualized modes of pleasure, self-fulfillment, and class advancement via what I deem ‚Äúservice mobilities.‚ÄĚ Service mobilities refers to the participation of mostly women in a traditionally devalued but growing sector of the global labor market, the ‚Äúpink collar‚ÄĚ economy centered around ‚Äúfeminine‚ÄĚ care labor. Korean female flight attendants share labor skills resembling those of other foreign labor migrants (chiefly from the ‚ÄúGlobal South‚ÄĚ), who perform care work deemed less desirable. Yet, Korean female flight attendants elude the stigmatizing, classed, and racialized category of ‚Äúlabor migrant.‚ÄĚ Moreover, within the context of South Korea‚Äôs unique history of rapid modernization, the flight attendant occupation also commands considerable social prestige. Based on ethnographic and archival research on aspiring, current, and former Korean flight attendants, this dissertation asks how these unique care laborers negotiate a metaphorical and literal series of sustained border crossings and inspections between Korean flight attendants‚Äô contingent status as lowly care-laboring migrants, on the one hand, and ostensibly glamorous, globetrotting elites, on the other. This study contends the following: first, the flight attendant occupation in South Korea represents new politics of pleasure and pain in contemporary East Asia. Second, Korean female flight attendants‚Äô enactments of soft, sanitized, and glamorous (hwaryŇŹhada) service help to purify South Korea‚Äôs less savory past. In so doing, Korean flight attendants reconstitute the historical role of female laborers as burden bearers and caretakers of the Korean state.U of I OnlyAuthor submitted a 2-year U of I restriction extension request

    La prisión preventiva frente al Principio de Presunción de Inocencia en la Corte Superior de Justicia de Lima Sur, 2021

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    El objetivo del estudio fue analizar la prisi√≥n preventiva frente al Principio de Presunci√≥n de Inocencia en la Corte Superior de Justicia de Lima Sur, 2021, siendo la presente investigaci√≥n con dise√Īo no experimental, se estudiaron las categor√≠as determinadas de acuerdo al contexto te√≥rico en el que se exponen en la doctrina. Con una poblaci√≥n ser√°n fiscales superiores, provinciales o adjuntos, abogados que tenga conocimiento, investiguen o lleven procesos de lesiones en el Ministerio P√ļbico, una muestra de 4 abogados. Acerca de la recolecci√≥n de informaci√≥n, se us√≥ las entrevistas, los instrumentos compuestos por siete preguntas. Los resultados determinaron que s√≠ existe relaci√≥n, en los respectivos casos de prisi√≥n preventiva, en el √°mbito penal, dentro del marco pol√≠tico-jur√≠dico, y el principio de Presunci√≥n de Inocencia en la Corte Superior de Justicia de Lima Sur, como un factor de lugar, en el a√Īo 2011, como un factor de tiempo

    Comedians without a Cause: The Politics and Aesthetics of Humour in Dutch Cabaret (1966-2020)

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    Comedians play an important role in society and public debate. While comedians have been considered important cultural critics for quite some time, comedy has acquired a new social and political significance in recent years, with humour taking centre stage in political and social debates around issues of identity, social justice, and freedom of speech. To understand the shifting meanings and political implications of humour within a Dutch context, this PhD thesis examines the political and aesthetic workings of humour in the highly popular Dutch cabaret genre, focusing on cabaret performances from the 1960s to the present. The central questions of the thesis are: how do comedians use humour to deliver social critique, and how does their humour resonate with political ideologies? These questions are answered by adopting a cultural studies approach to humour, which is used to analyse Dutch cabaret performances, and by studying related materials such as reviews and media interviews with comedians. This thesis shows that, from the 1960s onwards, Dutch comedians have been considered ‚Äėprogressive rebels‚Äô ‚Äď politically engaged, subversive, and carrying a left-wing political agenda ‚Äď but that this image is in need of correction. While we tend to look for progressive political messages in the work of comedians who present themselves as being anti-establishment rebels ‚Äď such as Youp van ‚Äėt Hek, Hans Teeuwen, and Theo Maassen ‚Äď this thesis demonstrates that their transgressive and provocative humour tends to protect social hierarchies and relationships of power. Moreover, it shows that, paradoxically, both the deliberately moderate and nuanced humour of Wim Kan and Claudia de Breij, and the seemingly past-oriented nostalgia of Alex Klaasen, are more radical and progressive than the transgressive humour of van ‚Äėt Hek, Teeuwen and Maassen. Finally, comedians who present absurdist or deconstructionist forms of humour, such as the early student cabarets, Freek de Jonge, and Micha Wertheim, tend to disassociate themselves from an explicit political engagement. By challenging the dominant image of the Dutch comedian as a ‚Äėprogressive rebel,‚Äô this thesis contributes to a better understanding of humour in the present cultural moment, in which humour is often either not taken seriously, or one-sidedly celebrated as being merely pleasurable, innocent, or progressively liberating. In so doing, this thesis concludes, the ‚Äėdark‚Äô and more conservative sides of humour tend to get obscured

    Educación, Derechos Humanos y Familia. Análisis desde una experiencia de Gestión Comunitaria Colegio Ciudadela Educativa La Presentación Cali

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    The main goal of this article is to present a teaching strategy being used in a specific school setting in order to teach and instruct elementary and senior school students in regard to human rights and life skills, making possible group discussion and to mediate confl icts over decisions made by transformation and/or resolution. A challenging task for the conventional teaching model based on knowledge and information, while learning, constructing and creating new ways, different alternatives in pedagogical issues for the learning process.El inter√©s de este art√≠culo es presentar una estrategia educativa implementada en un √°mbito escolar concreto para formar en la concientizaci√≥n de los ni√Īos, ni√Īas y j√≥venes en relaci√≥n a los Derechos Humanos y en habilidades para la vida, de modo que puedan tratar colectivamente sus confl ictos en perspectiva de transformaci√≥n y resoluci√≥n. Tarea que desaf√≠a el modelo educativo construido con base en conocimientos e informaci√≥n, al tiempo que supone aprender, construir e imaginar creativamente otras formas, otras pedagog√≠as en la educaci√≥n

    Atividade educativa on-line sobre aleitamento materno para conhecimento de agentes comunit√°rios de sa√ļde

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    Objetivo: avaliar a efetividade de atividade educativa on-line sobre aleitamento materno (AM) para conhecimento cognitivo de agentes comunit√°rios de sa√ļde (ACS). M√©todos: estudo quase-experimental, realizado com agentes comunit√°rios de sa√ļde. Aplicou-se, previamente, teste do conhecimento sobre aleitamento materno. Em seguida, os participantes foram submetidos √† atividade educativa on-line te√≥rica e pr√°tica. Posteriormente, foi aplicado o p√≥s-teste. Resultados: a amostra foi constitu√≠da por 53 profissionais. A atividade se mostrou efetiva, pois foi capaz de melhorar o conhecimento cognitivo dos profissionais sobre o aleitamento materno. Houve estat√≠stica significativa nas vari√°veis sobre fisiologia (p<0,001) e benef√≠cios da amamenta√ß√£o (p<0,003), posi√ß√£o para amamentar (p<0,002), intervalos entre as mamadas (p<0,001), intercorr√™ncias mam√°rias (p<0,001) e conserva√ß√£o do leite (p<0,005). Conclus√£o: a estrat√©gia educativa on-line obteve efetividade na melhora do conhecimento cognitivo dos ACS sobre AM em todos os aspectos abordados. Destacam-se evid√™ncias estat√≠sticas referentes √† diferen√ßa entre o conhecimento cognitivo pr√©vio e o conhecimento posterior √† atividade educativa on-line nas vari√°veis sobre fisiologia e benef√≠cios da amamenta√ß√£o, t√©cnica de amamenta√ß√£o, intervalos entre as mamadas, intercorr√™ncias mam√°rias e conserva√ß√£o do leite

    KHAN: Knowledge-Aware Hierarchical Attention Networks for Accurate Political Stance Prediction

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    The political stance prediction for news articles has been widely studied to mitigate the echo chamber effect -- people fall into their thoughts and reinforce their pre-existing beliefs. The previous works for the political stance problem focus on (1) identifying political factors that could reflect the political stance of a news article and (2) capturing those factors effectively. Despite their empirical successes, they are not sufficiently justified in terms of how effective their identified factors are in the political stance prediction. Motivated by this, in this work, we conduct a user study to investigate important factors in political stance prediction, and observe that the context and tone of a news article (implicit) and external knowledge for real-world entities appearing in the article (explicit) are important in determining its political stance. Based on this observation, we propose a novel knowledge-aware approach to political stance prediction (KHAN), employing (1) hierarchical attention networks (HAN) to learn the relationships among words and sentences in three different levels and (2) knowledge encoding (KE) to incorporate external knowledge for real-world entities into the process of political stance prediction. Also, to take into account the subtle and important difference between opposite political stances, we build two independent political knowledge graphs (KG) (i.e., KG-lib and KG-con) by ourselves and learn to fuse the different political knowledge. Through extensive evaluations on three real-world datasets, we demonstrate the superiority of DASH in terms of (1) accuracy, (2) efficiency, and (3) effectiveness.Comment: 12 pages, 5 figures, 10 tables, the Web Conference 2023 (WWW


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    The aflatoxin producing fungi Aspergillus flavus, A. parasiticus, and A. nomius, although they are also produced by other species of Aspergillus as well as by Emericella spp.(Telemorph). There are many types of aflatoxins, but the four main ones are aflatoxin B1 (AFB1), aflatoxin B2 (AFB2), aflatoxin G1 (AFG1), and aflatoxin G2 (AFG2, while aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) and M2 (AFM2) are the hydroxylated metabolites of AFB1 and AFB2. Aflatoxin B1, which is a genotoxic hepatocarcinogen, which presumptively causes cancer by inducing DNA, adducts leading to genetic changes in target liver cells. Cytochrome-P450 enzymes to the reactive intermediate AFB1‚Äď8, 9 epoxide (AFBO) which binds to liver cell DNA, resulting in DNA adducts, metabolize AFB1 Ingestion of contaminated food is the main source of exposure to aflatoxins, which adversely affect the health of both humans and animals. The compounds can cause acute or chronic toxic effects of a teratogenic, mutagenic, carcinogenic, immunotoxic or hepatotoxic character. You can reduce your aflatoxin exposure by buying only major commercial brands of food and by discarding that look moldy, discolored, or shriveled

    Application of advanced fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy in live-cell imaging

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    Since its inception, fluorescence microscopy has been a key source of discoveries in cell biology. Advancements in fluorophores, labeling techniques and instrumentation have made fluorescence microscopy a versatile quantitative tool for studying dynamic processes and interactions both in vitro and in live-cells. In this thesis, I apply quantitative fluorescence microscopy techniques in live-cell environments to investigate several biological processes. To study Gag processing in HIV-1 particles, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy and single particle tracking are combined to follow nascent HIV-1 virus particles during assembly and release on the plasma membrane of living cells. Proteolytic release of eCFP embedded in the Gag lattice of immature HIV-1 virus particles results in a characteristic increase in its fluorescence lifetime. Gag processing and rearrangement can be detected in individual virus particles using this approach. In another project, a robust method for quantifying Förster resonance energy transfer in live-cells is developed to allow direct comparison of live-cell FRET experiments between laboratories. Finally, I apply image fluctuation spectroscopy to study protein behavior in a variety of cellular environments. Image cross-correlation spectroscopy is used to study the oligomerization of CXCR4, a G-protein coupled receptor on the plasma membrane. With raster image correlation spectroscopy, I measure the diffusion of histones in the nucleoplasm and heterochromatin domains of the nuclei of early mouse embryos. The lower diffusion coefficient of histones in the heterochromatin domain supports the conclusion that heterochromatin forms a liquid phase-separated domain. The wide range of topics covered in this thesis demonstrate that fluorescence microscopy is more than just an imaging tool but also a powerful instrument for the quantification and elucidation of dynamic cellular processes
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