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    Inductive Synthesis of Recursive Processes from Logical Properties

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    Extension of Synthesis Algorithm of Recursive Processes to μ\mu-calculus

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    Cost-Efficient Data Backup for Data Center Networks against {\epsilon}-Time Early Warning Disaster

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    Data backup in data center networks (DCNs) is critical to minimize the data loss under disaster. This paper considers the cost-efficient data backup for DCNs against a disaster with ε\varepsilon early warning time. Given geo-distributed DCNs and such a ε\varepsilon-time early warning disaster, we investigate the issue of how to back up the data in DCN nodes under risk to other safe DCN nodes within the ε\varepsilon early warning time constraint, which is significant because it is an emergency data protection scheme against a predictable disaster and also help DCN operators to build a complete backup scheme, i.e., regular backup and emergency backup. Specifically, an Integer Linear Program (ILP)-based theoretical framework is proposed to identify the optimal selections of backup DCN nodes and data transmission paths, such that the overall data backup cost is minimized. Extensive numerical results are also provided to illustrate the proposed framework for DCN data backup

    Analysis of HCV genotypes from blood donors shows three new HCV type 6 subgroups exist in Myanmar.

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    The prevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes in Myanmar in comparison with the rest of Southeast Asia is not well known. Serum samples were obtained from 201 HCV antibody-positive volunteer blood donors in and around the Myanmar city of Yangon. Of these, the antibody titers of 101 samples were checked by serial dilution using HCV antibody PA test II and Terasaki microplate as a low-cost method. To compare antibody titers by this method and RNA identification, we also checked HCV-RNA using the Amplicor 2.0 test. Most high-titer groups were positive for HCV-RNA. Of the 201 samples, 110 were successfully polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplified. Among them, 35 (31.8%) were of genotype 1, 52 (47.3%) were of genotype 3, and 23 (20.9%) were of type 6 variants, and phylogenetic analysis of these type 6 variants revealed that 3 new type 6 subgroups exist in Myanmar. We named the subgroups M6-1, M6-2, and M6-3. M6-1 and M6-2 were relatively close to types 8 and 9, respectively. M6-3, though only found in one sample, was a brand-new subgroup. These subtypes were not seen in Vietnam, where type 6 group variants are widely spread. These findings may be useful for analyzing how and when these subgroups were formed

    デジタル ネイティブ セダイ ニ タイスル ICT リテラシー キョウイク カモク ニ カンスル コウサツ

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    嘉悦大学では、デジタルネイティブ世代へのICT リテラシー教育内容を再検討し、2010 年度からの新カリキュラムの主要科目としてICT スキルズ・ICT ツールズ・ICT メディア・ICTコモンズの4 科目を開講した。この4 科目は「デジタルネイティブ世代を意識した、コンピュータ教えるICT 教育」をコンセプトとする。4 科目全体の目標は、いわゆる初年次教育の一環として、PC やネットの利用をきっかけとしつつ、広く知的生産において必要とされるリテラシーの育成と、知的生産を通じたコミュニケーションの経験を積んでもらうことにある。ICT を活用した情報のという一連のプロセスを標準形とし、これを4 科目それぞれの特色を持つ様々な形のプロジェクト課題として実践する。本論文ではこれらの科目に関して、その概要と目標を述べるとともに、現在の科目編成に至る過程で行われた議論をまとめ、紹介する
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