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    Additions to the checklist of lichenicolous fungi of Mongolia

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    Seventy-four species of lichenicolous fungi, including two species of lichenicolous lichens, are reported from Mongolia. Arthonia xanthoparmeliarum, Katherinomyces cetrariae s. lat. and Lichenochora arctica are newly reported for Asia. Arthonia epiphyscia, A. excentrica, A. molendoi, Carbonea vitellinaria, Cercidospora xanthoriae, Didymocyrtis rhizoplacae, Endococcus propinquus, Intralichen christiansenii, Lichenochora caloplacae, L. rinodinae, Lichenodiplis lecanorae, Lichenostigma dimelaenae, L. triseptatum, Niesslia peltigericola, Polycoccum trypethelioides, Rhymbocarpus neglectus, Sphaerellothecium phaeorrhizae, S. propinquellum, Stigmidium xanthoparmeliarum, Taeniolella pertusariicola and Tetramelas phaeophysciae are reported new to Mongolia. The occurrence of Stigmidium psorae in Mongolia is confirmed. Flavocetraria and Rhizoplaca are reported as new host genera for Katherinomyces cetrariae s. lat

    The first record of a rare species of myxomycetes

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    In Mongolia, for the first time in Asia, a rare species of myxomycetes, Perichaena heterospinispora, has been recorded. Studies were conducted in the vicinity of Ulaanbaatar, in the steppes near Chinggis Khaan Airport. The article provides a description of this species, photographs of sporocarps, photographs of spores on a scanning electron microscope. A description and photographs of capillitial threads are presented for the first time. This rare species differs from all known species of the genus in its unique ornamentation of spores

    Medicinal potential of extracts from the chanterelle mushroom, Cantharellus cibarius (Review) and prospects for studying its strains from differs plant communities of ultracontinental regions of the Asia

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    The article reviews medicinal properties of Cantharellus cibarius. Fruiting bodies of this species are a promising source of extracts with vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, polysaccharides, sterols, phenolic acids, which various biological properties