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    Physical activity and functional motor skills of primary school children in Estonia

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    The purpose of this study was to examine the physical activity (PA) and functional motor skills in 7–9-year-old children, and to find out whether participation in organized sport enhances their motor skills and fulfils the requirements for PA. To assess PA, all 38 participants (18 boys, 20 girls; mean age 8.1±0.7 years) used accelerometer and accelerometer diary during one week. Average time per day spent in sedentary, light and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) was calculated. To measure motor skills, MABC-2 was used. Also, parental PA and educational level were recorded with questionnaire. PA of children was not associated with their motor skills (p>0.05). Recommendations for daily PA were fulfilled by two children (5.3%), seven children (18.4%) did not meet the recommendations in any of the measured days. Both, boys and girls spent significantly more time in sedentary on schooldays than on weekend-days (F=23.122, p0.05) with PA or motor skills. Also, parent and child PA were not significantly correlated. Average PA of children is lower than recommended. However, PA was not correlated with motor skills. The higher was parental educational level, the higher were motor skills of their child

    Acute effect of resisted sprinting upon regular sprint performance

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    The aim of this study was to investigate the acute effect of resisted sprinting upon running sprint performance. Thirty male athletes from track and field (age: 21.2±2.9 yrs, body mass: 69.8±9.8 kg, height: 1.75±0.08 m) performed two different test sessions (one day of 7×60 m runs alternating between regular and resisted sprinting and the other day 7×60 m of regular sprints) with 5 min between each run. Sled towing individually weighted to 10% of each participant’s body mass was used as resistance for the resisted sprints. It was found that training with or without resistance had the same effect; there is no acute effect of resisted sprinting upon sprint performance after using resisted runs. It was concluded that resisted sprinting does not have any acute positive effect upon regular sprints of 60 m, but only a fatiguing effect

    Intersections of African-American Womanist Literary Approaches and Paradigms of Ethical Literary Criticism

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    Although black American womanist literary perspectives and ethical literary criticism theory emerged from different socio-cultural contexts, a number of intersections between the two can be discerned. One of the objectives of this paper is to analyze the reasons for which some Chinese scholars and African-American women literary theoreticians are skeptical of mainstream Western literary criticism schools, which they view as insufficient for exploring works of literature derived from fusions of non-Western and Western cultural contexts. Secondly, the paper elucidates the particular value systems exhibited by fictional characters portrayed by the African-American women writers under survey. At this juncture, the means by which the writers challenge value systems based upon Western essentialist racial conceptualizations will be given primary attention. Also, the historical context of the development of womanist ethics and literary practice, particularly the manifestation of original social ethics in response to historical oppression, will be focused upon. Lastly, the didactic function of womanist literature will be considered because, more often than not, black American woman writers have endeavored to produce fiction that serves as guideposts towards conflict resolutions, involving, to a great extent, revaluation of mainstream values

    Tervishoiuteenuse osutamisel aset leidnud surmade uurimine: Euroopa Inimõiguste Kohtu otsused Eesti kohtuasjades

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    Eesti Arst 2018; 97(2):104–10

    Riina Kütner: rinnavähi ravi on meeskonnatöö

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    Eesti Arst 2018; 97(1):47–4

    Eesti Arstide Päevade sessioonide lühitutvustused

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    Eesti Arst 2018; 97(1):

    Loovteraapia kontseptsioonist, rakendamisest ja tõenduspõhisusest

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    Artikkel on ajendatud professionaalse loovteraapia väljakujunemisest ning loovterapeutide rakendamise suurenemisest Eestis. Loovterapeutilistel meetoditel on mitmeid variante ning sellest tingituna esineb nii teenuse osutajatel kui ka kasutajatel sellest erinevaid arusaamu. Seetõttu on artiklis esitatud loovteraapia üldised kriteeriumid, selgitatud teraapia mitmetasandilisust, lähtudes eesmärkidest, ning tehtud ülevaade loovteraapia uurimustest ja ravitulemustest

    Perigrapha cetrariae, a new lichenicolous ascomycete on Cetraria from Japan

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    Perigrapha cetrariae growing on Cetraria laevigata is described from Japan. The new species differs from the generic type in having loculi completely embedded in a stroma and ascospores without caudate appendages
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