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    The Capitol in the Classroom: Implementing the Common Core in an Era of Coercive Federalism

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    The increased prevalence of federal mandates and funding initiatives support the existence of coercive federalism. The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a notable example of a coercively implemented policy. The failures of its implementation suggest important limitations to coercive federalism, particularly in regards to education policy. Based on my study of the implementation of the Common Core in New York State, I argue in this thesis that its failure is attributed to its rushed rollout in schools, extensive amount of standardized testing, and lack of support received from both teachers and parents

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    In Memoriam of Hon. Joseph M. McLaughlin

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    Constantine Katsoris is the Wilkinson Professor of Law at the Fordham University School of Law. He delivered these remarks as part of a tribute to the Honorable Joseph M. McLaughlin on February 4, 2014, at Fordham Law School

    The Greek Military Regime (1967-1974) and the Cyprus Question — Origins and Goals

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    This article employs the concept of military professionalism and its attributes to explain the Greek praetorian regime\u27s handling of the Cyrprus problem. Upon examining the relevant data it was found that for strategic considerations the U.S. and NATO sought to achieve a negotiated solution to the cyprus problem which would have amounted to double Enosis. It was also found that professional needs created a dependency of the Greek. military on NA TO for arms, sophisticated training, and support which let them view participation in NATO as indespensable. As a result, the Greek military confused the interests of their nation with those of the Atlantic Alliance and sought to solve the Cyprus problem on the basis of NATO\u27S interests even though such a solution went contrary to the national aspirations of Greece

    Obama Tax Reforms are Misguided

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