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    Fubini vacua as a classical de Sitter vacua

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    The Fubini's idea to introduce a fundamental scale of hadron phenomena by means of dilatation non-invariant vacuum state in the frame work of a scale invariant Lagrangian field theory is recalled. The Fubini vacua is invariant under the de Sitter subgroup of the full conformal group. We obtain a finite entropy for the quantum state corresponding to the classical Fubini vacua in Euclidean space-time resembeling the entropy of the de Sitter vacua. In Minkowski space-time it is shown that the Fubini vacua is mainly a bath of radiation with Rayleigh-Jeans distribution for the low energy radiation. In four dimensions, the critical scalar theory is shown to be equivalent to the Einstein field equation in the ansatz of conformally flat metrics and to the SU(2) Yang-Mills theory in the 't Hooft ansatz. In D-dimensions, the Hitchin formula for the information geometry metric of the moduli space of instantons is used to obtain the information geometry of the free-parameter space of the Fubini vacua which is shown to be a (D+1)-dimensional AdS space. Considering the Fubini vacua as a de Sitter vacua, the corresponding cosmological constant is shown to be given by the coupling constant of the critical scalar theory. In Minkowski spacetime it is shown that the Fubini vacua is equivalent to an open FRW universe.Comment: 15 pages, revtex4, to appear in Mod.Phys.Lett.

    Chai's Conjecture and Fubini properties of dimensional motivic integration

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    We prove that a conjecture of Chai on the additivity of the base change conductor for semi-abelian varieties over a discretely valued field is equivalent to a Fubini property for the dimensions of certain motivic integrals. We prove this Fubini property when the valued field has characteristic zero.Comment: 22 page

    The Structure of Equilibrium in an Asset Market with Variable Supply

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    This note presents new results on existence of rich Fubini extensions. The notion of a rich Fubini extension was recently introduced by Sun (2006) and shown by him to provide the proper framework to obtain an exact law of large numbers for a continuum of random variables. In contrast to the existence results for rich Fubini extensions established by Sun (2006), the arguments in this note don’t use constructions from nonstandard analysis.

    Forbidden rectangles in compacta

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    We establish negative results about "rectangular" local bases in compacta. For example, there is no compactum where all points have local bases of cofinal type \omega x \omega_2. For another, the compactum \beta\omega has no nontrivially rectangular local bases, and the same is consistently true of \beta\omega \ \omega: no local base in \beta\omega has cofinal type \kappa x c if \kappa < m_{\sigma-n-linked} for some n in [1,\omega). Also, CH implies that every local base in \beta\omega \ \omega has the same cofinal type as one in \beta\omega. We also answer a question of Dobrinen and Todorcevic about cofinal types of ultrafilters: the Fubini square of a filter on \omega always has the same cofinal type as its Fubini cube. Moreover, the Fubini product of nonprincipal P-filters on \omega is commutative modulo cofinal equivalence.Comment: 15 page

    Generalized Fubini instantons

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    We show that (1+2)(1+2) nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation with negative coupling admits an exact solution which appears to be the linear superposition of the plane wave and the nonsingular rational soliton. We show that the same approach allows to construct the solution of similar properties for the Euclidean ϕ4\phi^4 model with broken symmetry. Interestingly, this regular solution will be of instanton type only in the D5D\le 5 Euclidean space.Comment: 10 page