Translation techniques of taboo wordin the before i fall movie


This study investigates the translation techniques used for translating taboo words in a movie. This study has two research questions: (1) what types of taboo words are in the Before I Fall movie, and (2) what translation techniques to translate English taboo words in the Before I Fall movie. This thesis uses the theory from Jay (1992) for analyzing the types of taboo words and Davoodi’s theory (2009) of translation techniques in translating taboo words. This study involves a qualitative approach comparable to the utilization of clear and efficient portrayals of the peculiarities being contemplated. Descriptive study in textual analysis is applied in this study to analyze taboo words in the main character's conversation through the movie script Before I Fall. The transcription of the Before I Fall movie was analyzed by identifying the types of taboo words by applying the appropriate code in the text. The analysis is continued by identifying taboo word translation techniques. To identify translation techniques, the researcher noted movie subtitles, especially the Indonesian translation of taboo words that appeared in the movie. The results show that six types of taboo words (insults and slurs, epithets, slang, vulgarity, obscene, and profanity) and all translation techniques (taboo for taboo, censorship, substitution, euphemism) are found in the Before I Fall movie. From the appearance of these taboo words, movie characters tend to use taboo words which include epithets. They use it when they are angry and frustrated. In addition, the translator tends to translate taboo words in substitution translation techniques. This means that the translator often translates taboo words in the source language into another word in the target language which has different meaning yet still has the same effect for the audience

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