Application of IBA PGR Concentration On Germination of Sugarcane (Saccharum Officinarum L) Cuttings


oai:ojs2.agriscience.scientific-work.org:article/1Abstract: The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of IBA plant growth regulators (IndoleButyric Acid)on germination of sugarcane cuttings (Saccharwn o_mcinarum L). The experimentalmaterials include PSJT 941 variety of sugarcane cuttings, soil and manure as medium with 2: 1ratio. IBA and 50% alcohol is used as treatment. Pest and disease controls used Basudin 60 EC andDithane M-45. This study uses Randomized Block Design (RAK) with three replicates and each replicateconsisted of 2 sample plants. The treatment is as follows: Ko: without treatment, K1: 500 ppm, K2: 1000ppm, K3: 1500 ppm, K4: 2000 ppm. The study reveals that treatment of K4 IBA solution (2000 ppm)hasvery significant effect on variables of germination speed, shoot length, number of leaves and number ofroots, and significantly different at root length. Administration of IBA solution at concentration of 1500ppm accelerated germination time of sugar cane cuttings, occurred on the fourth day(fourth). Administration of IBA solution at 2000 ppm gave the highest result which was not different with1500 ppm concentration on shoot length, leaf number, root length and root number. The higher theconcentration of IBA, the higher the shoot length, the number of leaves, the length of the roots and thenumber of roots of sugar cane produced

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