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Bulk on-board geochemistry of manganese nodules recovered for the DOMES, Sites A, B and C areas in the Pacific Ocean

By Ronald H Fewkes, William Douglas McFarland and W R Reinhart
Topics: BC; Box corer; Cobalt; Copper; Date/Time of event; Deposit type; DEPTH, sediment/rock; DOMES Site A, Pacific Ocean; DOMES Site B, Pacific Ocean; DOMES Site C, Pacific Ocean; Elevation of event; Event label; Iron; Latitude of event; Longitude of event; Manganese; Nickel; NOAA and MMS Marine Minerals Geochemical Database; NOAA-MMS; Oceanographer; RP6OC75; RP6OC75-14-38; RP6OC75-14-39; RP6OC75-16B-1; RP6OC75-16B-49; RP6OC75-5-2; RP-8-OC-75; RP8OC7503; RP8OC75-46-01; RP8OC75-46-03; RP8OC75-46-04; RP8OC75-46-06; RP8OC75-46-07; RP8OC75-46-08; RP8OC75-46-09; RP8OC75-47-11; RP8OC75-47-12; RP8OC75-47-13; RP8OC75-47-14; RP8OC75-47-15; RP8OC75-48-19; RP8OC75-48-20; RP8OC75-48-21; RP8OC75-48-22; RP8OC75-48-24; RP8OC75-49-25; RP8OC75-49-26; RP8OC75-49-27; RP8OC75-50-28; RP8OC75-50-29; RP8OC75-50-30; RP8OC75-50-31; RP8OC75-50-32; RP8OC75-51-33; RP8OC75-51-34; RP8OC75-51-35; RP8OC75-51-36; RP8OC75-52-37; RP8OC75-52-38; RP8OC75-52-40; RP8OC75-52-41; RP8OC75-53-44; RP8OC75-53-45; RP8OC75-53-46; RP8OC75-54-47; RP8OC75-54-48; RP8OC75-54-49; RP8OC75-54-50; RP8OC75-54-51; RP8OC75-54-52; RP8OC75-55-53; RP8OC75-55-54; RP8OC75-55-55; RP8OC75-55-56; RP8OC75-57-57; RP8OC75-58-60; RP8OC75-58-61; RP8OC76; RP-8-OC-76; RP8OC76-10-15; RP8OC76-11-16; RP8OC76-12-18; RP8OC76-13-19; RP8OC76-14-20; RP8OC76-15-21; RP8OC76-1-6; RP8OC76-16-22; RP8OC76-17-23; RP8OC76-18-24; RP8OC76-19-25; RP8OC76-21-27; RP8OC76-22-28; RP8OC76-2-7; RP8OC76-3-8; RP8OC76-4-9; RP8OC76-5-10; RP8OC76-6-11; RP8OC76-7-12; RP8OC76-8-13; RP8OC76-9-14; Sample ID; X-ray fluorescence (XRF); Zinc
Publisher: PANGAEA
Year: 1980
DOI identifier: 10.1594/PANGAEA.878221
OAI identifier:
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