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Large eddy simulation of a turbulent non-premixed propane-air reacting flame in a cylindrical combustor

By S.C. Paul, M.C. Paul and W.P. Jones


Large Eddy Simulation (LES) is applied to investigate the turbulent non-premixed combustion flow, including species concentrations and temperature, in a cylindrical combustor. Gaseous propane (C3H8) is injected through a circular nozzle which is attached at the centre of the combustor inlet. Preheated air with a temperature of 773 K is supplied through the annulus surrounding of this fuel nozzle. In LES a spatial filtering is applied to the governing equations to separate the flow field into large-scale and small-scale eddies. The large-scale eddies which carry most of the turbulent energy are resolved explicitly, while the unresolved small-scale eddies are modelled using the Smagorinsky model with Cs = 0.1 as well as dynamically calibrated Cs. The filtered values of the species mass fraction, temperature and density, which are the functions of the mixture fraction (conserved scalar), are determined by integration over a beta probability density function (β-PDF). The computational results are compared with those of the experimental investigation conducted by Nishida and Mukohara. According to this experiment, the overall equivalence ratio of 0.6, which is calculated from the ratio of the air flow rate supplied to the combustion chamber to that of the stoichiometric reaction, is kept constant so that the turbulent combustion at the fuel nozzle exit starts under the fuel-rich conditions

Topics: TJ
Publisher: Elsevier
Year: 2010
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Provided by: Enlighten

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