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[[alternative]]The Action Research of Character Education on Grade Five Elementary school students--Take Responsibility for the Core Value

By 楊雅雯 and Ya-wen Yang


[[abstract]]  本研究之目的在探討明暸品格教育課程中之負責德目對國小五年級學生負責態度及行為之影響,並紀錄教師進行品格教育課程之成長與省思。依據前述之研究目的,本研究採行動研究的方式,透過課堂觀察、學習單、一週生活表現檢核表、負責行為自我評估表收集資料,藉以了解學生在行動研究的過程之中學到什麼,有什麼改變。   本研究得提出以下結論:一、品格教育課程對學生行為及態度的正面影響二、多采的授課方式豐富了品格教育授課內容三、充分的討論激發學生對於負責的思考四、充裕的授課時間讓課堂氣氛輕鬆愉快五、家長的態度影響了教學的成效   根據以上結論,爰提以下幾點建議:一、針對學校行政的建議(一)可將品格教育課程列為學校的特色課程,規劃一至六年級的完整課程(二)邀請相關學者專家到校闡明品格教育的理論與實務(三)可增加教師專業教學對話二、針對教師的建議(一)多媒體教材融入,提升學習效果(二)重視潛移默化功效(三)可影響家長重視品格教育課程(四)可落實教師社群運作三、對未來研究的建議(一)可擴大研究內容,選取其他品格項目(二)可拓展至其他年級,了解品格教育之實施成效(三)可改採其他研究方法,探究不同的方法是否有同樣的發現[[abstract]]  The purpose of this study is to explore and understand the clear impact of the Responsibility of the Character Education curriculum which the teacher taught on the attitudes and behavior of students, and record the growth and reflection of the teacher who practiced the Responsibility of the Character Education curriculum. In accordance with the foregoing purposes, this study used the Action Research, through the classroom observation, the worksheets of the students, a week performance checklist, the act of responsibility self-evaluation form to collect information in order to understand what students learn in the process of the action research? What students change in the process of the action research?   In this study, may propose the following conclusions:1. The Character Education curriculum has the positive impact on students. 2. Using different way of teaching will rich the content of teaching .3. The full discussion will stimulate students to think differently. 4. The sufficient teaching time will relax the atmosphere of the classroom, and the atmosphere will be happy and interesting. 5. The attitude of the parents will affect the effectiveness of teaching   Based on the above conclusions, this study has the following suggestions:First, the recommendations for school administrators(A) The school can use the Responsibility of the Character Education curriculum as features of the school curriculum, planning a complete curriculum of grades one to six. (B) Inviting the scholars and experts to the school, and clarifing the theory and the practice of the Character Education Curriculum.(C) Increasing the dialogue of teachers' professional teaching.  Second, for teachers(A) Using multimedia teaching materials into the teaching, and it will enhance the effect of students’ learning. (B) Emphasizing the subtle effectiveness of the Character Education Curriculum.(C) Affecting the parents' emphasis on character education curriculum(D) Practicing the implementation of the operation of the teacher community Third, recommendations for future research(A) Expanding the content of the research to select the other item of the Character. (B) Expanding to other grades, and understanding the implemental effectiveness of the Character Education. (C) Changing the other methods to explore the different ways on the same discovery

Topics: 負責;品格教育, Character Education;Resposibility
Year: 2015
OAI identifier: oai:localhost:987654321/18088
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