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Modelling and simulation of CNC machine tool feed drives

By Crinela Pislaru, Derek G. Ford and V.Y. Moreno-Castaneda


The paper presents a critical appraisal of existing methods for modelling and simulation of CNC machine tool feed drives. Their goal is the development of mathematical models which adequately replicate the dynamic behaviour of the actual machines. The advantages and disadvantages of lumped parameter models and modular approach are discussed and the suitability of mixed, hybrid, distributed-lumped modelling is emphasised. Some applications of other methods to CNC machine tool feed drives are examined. The importance of a thorough study regarding the factors influencing the machine dynamic performance and the strategies for error compensation and correction is underlined. The achieved accurate simulations for multi-axis machine tool applications will be used for automatic tuning and condition monitoring purposes

Topics: T1, TJ
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