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Car Travel Time Variability on\ud Links of a Radial Route in London: Methodology, Surveys and Data Processing

By A.D. May, P.W. Bonsall and N.W. Marler


This working paper is one of a series of three describing\ud research on travel time variability of car drivers using a north\ud London corridor. The objectives of the work described in this\ud report were to determine the amount of variability experienced\ud within short time periods and between time periods, and to\ud explain these variations in terms of simultaneously-recorded\ud traffic factors.\ud \ud \ud This report describes the methodology used, the surveys carried\ud out and the data processing procedures. Data were collected on\ud twelve contiguous links on the A41 between 0730 and 1030 on\ud weekdays in spring and again in summer. Link travel-time\ud distributions for cars were obtained by registration-plate\ud matching using hand-held electronic data loggers. The methods\ud of treatment of spurious matches and outliers, resulting\ud respectively from chance matching of partial registration numbers\ud and from stopping or diverting vehicles, are described. The\ud reasons for selecting particular explanatory traffic variables\ud are presented, together with a description of the methods of data\ud collection.\ud The results of these surveys and their analysis are contained in\ud ITS Working Paper 279. The methodology, data collection\ud procedure and analysis of journey time variability experienced\ud by a panel of car commuters using the same corridor are contained\ud in ITS Working Paper 277

Publisher: Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds
Year: 1989
OAI identifier:

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