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Reconciliation and renewal in Roger T. Forster : the doctrine of Atonement in the teaching and practice of a restoration theology

By Anthony Daniel Forster O'Sullivan


Over the past fifty years, Charismatic Renewal has represented a significant development in English Christianity. While this has prompted a number of\ud investigations, few have touched on the traditional Evangelical distinctives of the new birth and crucicentrism. By way of making a contribution in this area,\ud this thesis undertook an explication and critique of the doctrine of Atonement in Roger Thomas Forster, an indisputably significant figure within the movement. The work identified Forster's theological framework, his\ud understanding of the circumstances that called for Christ's work, his critique of the three main historic motfs, and the key elements in his own theory. Examination was also made of the relationship in which the Atonement stands\ud to reconciliation, and the relationship of the Church to the Atonement. Finally, Forster was 'located' historically by identifying his sources and influences, and\ud 'defined' theologically by comparing and contrasting his teachings with those of conservative Evangelicalism. The thesis concluded with an overview of what had been undertaken, and its significance

Publisher: School of Theology & Religious Studies (Leeds)
Year: 2001
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