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By 謝美蓮, 林瑞松, Mei-Lian Shieh and Ruey-Song Lin


本試驗利用玫瑰切花‵Diana′、‵Double Delight′、‵First Red′、‵Gold Medal′、‵Grand Gala′、‵New Champagne′、‵Konfity′、‵Tineke′等八個商業栽培品種為試驗材料,探討不同溫度藏濕期間及藏濕後切花之生理變化,以供切花貯藏施用藥劑之參考。\ud 玫瑰花‵Diana′、‵Gold Medal′、‵Konfity′、‵Tineke′四品種,在4℃、8℃及12℃濕藏期間,以4℃濕藏切花的呼吸率最低,次為8℃,以12℃濕藏者最高,濕藏溫度對切花之吸水量沒有影響,在濕藏期間四品種皆無乙烯產生,切花之鮮重不斷增加至第6天才開始下降。濕藏後,八品種切花鮮重增加量明顯增加減少,有些品種甚至不再增加,尤其是以12℃濕藏者;在呼吸率及乙烯生成量上,隨著濕藏溫度的增加,其生成量也提早上升,此結果顯示以較高的溫度濕藏會刺激且提早切花乙烯產生,且可能為低溫貯藏後導致切花提早老化的原因之一,致使瓶插壽命縮短。Eight cultivars of Rosa hybrid 'Diana', 'Double Delight', 'First Red','Gold Medal', 'Grand Gala', 'New Champagne', 'Konfity' and 'Tineke' were tested in this study to investigate the physiological change of cut rose flowers at various temperature of wet storage duration and post storage. This technique could be used in application of chemical solution in extended the vase life of cut roses.\ud Four cultivars 'Diana', 'Gold Medal', 'Konfity' and 'Tineke' were taken in wet storage experiment at 4℃, 8℃ and 12℃ which were in wet storage, respectively. At 4℃ had the lowest respiration, then 8℃ and 12℃ respectively. There was no effect on cut flowers the water uptake of wet storage temperature. The four cultivars all had no ethylene production at wet storage duration. Fresh weight increased continuous until the sixth days then stared to declined. After wet storage, first weight of cut flower declined significantly. Especially, for wet storage at 12℃. The respiration and ethylene production, significantly increased along with wet storage temperature increased, respectively. These results show that higher wet temperature had stimulated and advanced ethylene production of cut flower, and that could be after low temperature storage cause of the advanced senescence and resulted in shorter vase life

Topics: 濕藏, 溫度, 呼吸率, 乙烯, 玫瑰切花, Respiration rate, Ethylene, Temperature, Cut rose flower, Wet storage
Year: 2014
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