Pure HAP Film Prepared by Direct Electrodepositing on Metallic Surface and Its Mechanism


通讯联系人: Tel: ( 86_592) 2181829, E_mail: cjlin@ xmu. edu. cn[中文文摘]控制电沉积溶液中钙/ 磷离子的浓度, 在钛合金表面直接沉积羟基磷灰石( HAP) 陶瓷涂层. XRD、SEM 实验证实, 制备的HAP 晶粒完整, 粒度均匀. 热力学计算表明HAP 比TCP 更易于生成. 文中讨论了羟基磷灰石( HAP) 涂层电沉积的机理, 指出电沉积是一个二步过程, HAP 的形成是从溶液中离子到固体的直接过程, 没有前驱体的生成.[英文文摘]In cont rolling concent rat ion of Ca2+ and PO43- in elect rodeposition solution, the HAP film on Ti alloy has been deposited directly. Using XRD and SEM w e have learned that prepared HAP is intact in crystal and equal in dimension. T hermodynamic calculation indicated that the HAP is easer formation of than that T CP of . With the XRD, SEM analyses and thermodynamic calculation, the elect rodeposition mechanism has been discussed. It w as proved that electrodepositon is a two_stag e process and formation of HAP is a direct process f rom solut ion ions to HAP crystal w ithout precursor.国家自然科学基金 (2 98730 39,5 95 2 5 10 2 )资

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