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Aanleiding tot de uiterlijke beoordeeling des paards, met betrekking van schoonheid, gezondheid en bruikbaarheid tot verschillende diensten

By August Conrad Havemann


TABLE OF CONTENTS. \ud \ud TAGIS\ud Preface,............v\ud Introduction,........, . . 1\ud Definition of age ; periods of age.\ud The Teeth,........ 1\ud Dentition in the Horse..........9\ud Incisors: Temporary, permanent, structure, direction. Molars : Temporary, per-\ud manent, development and structure.\ud Eruption of the Teeth..........43\ud The incisors ; tusks ; molars.\ud Duration of the Life of the Horse.......4fi\ud Principles of examination for determining the age of the horse; characters fur-\ud nished by the teeth.\ud First Period...........53\ud Eruption of the incisors of first dentition: at birth, one week, one month, three\ud months, four months, five months, six months, ten months.\ud Second Period,..........64\ud Leveling, progressive use, and falling out of the incisors of the first dentition ; one\ud year, sixteen months, twenty months, two years.\ud Third Period,..........74\ud Eruption of the permanent or adult teeth; two and a half years, rising three\ud years, three years, three years off, rising four years, four years, four years off,\ud rising five years, five years, five years off.\ud Fourth Period...........'.12\ud Leveling of the permanent incisors; at six years, at seven years, at eight years.\ud Fifth Period,......... 100\ud Wearing away of the crowns; at nine years, at ten years, at eleven years, at\ud twelve years, at thirteen years, at fourteen years, at fifteen years, at sixteen\ud years, at seventeen years, after nineteen.\ud (Vii) \ud VUl TABLE OF CONTENTS.\ud PAGE\ud Irregularities of the Dental System.......122\ud Irregularities in number—augmentation; diminution; irregularities of form;\ud irregularities by uniting of two incisors; irregularities in form of the dental\ud cup—fissure ; irregularities in depth of the dental cups ; excess of hardness of\ud the teeth; excess of length of the dental cup; fault of length or size of one\ud jaw; excess of width of upper incisive arch; irregularities by excess or fault\ud of use; excess of length of jaws; excess of length of incisors; excessive\ud length of single teeth ; deficiency of length of incisors* deficiency of length\ud of crown of molars ; excess of length of crown of molars ; accidental irregu-\ud larities; irregularities from cribbing; artificial irregularities; removal of\ud temporary incisors; bishoping; dressed mouths.\ud Age op the Ass, Mule, and Hinny,......157\ud Age of the Ox,..........158\ud Dentition ; incisors, molars; table of eruption. Determination of age by the\ud teeth; eruption of temporary teeth ; wearing of the temporary teeth ; eruption\ud of permanent teeth ; leveling of permanent teeth ; wearing away of the crowns.\ud Determination of age by the horns.\ud Age of the Sheep and Goat,........175\ud Dentition; incisors, molars; eruption of temporary teeth; alteration during the\ud first year; eruption of permanent teeth. Determination of age by the horns.\ud Age of the Hog,.......... 184\ud Dentition ; incisors, tusks, molars. Determination of age by the teeth ; eruption\ud of temporary teeth ; eruption or permanent teeth ; table of dentition. \ud \ud Age of the Dog,.......... 194\ud Dentition; incisors, tusks, molars. Determination of age by the teeth ; eruption\ud of temporary teeth ; eruption of permanent teeth. Determination of age from\ud OLher signs.\ud Age of Man,....... . . .. 203\ud Dentition, temporary, permanent; determination of age by the teeth.\ud Bibliography,..........211\ud Index, ............21

Topics: Diergeneeskunde, Diergeneeskunde, Veterinary Medicine, horse, Diergeneeskunde. Paard
Publisher: Giunta d'Albani
Year: 1810
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