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Los orígenes del vocabulario deportivo alemán: la terminología inglesa y su germanización

By Irene Doval Reixa


It is commonly assumed that English began to exert an influence on German vocabulary after the Second World War. Although it is true that, throughout the history of the German language, it had never reached the levels seen today, the appearance of Anglicisms in German and the consequent misgivings aroused in certain sectors had already started to have a significant effect at the turn of the century. At the end of the 18th century, Kinderling listed eight words of English origin used in German. Eighty years later, Dunger listed 148, but by the end of the 19th century, there had been a massive influx of Anglicisms in German, mainly due to the huge influence of English fashions and customs on German society, particularly in the area of sports. The spread of these Anglicisms was also favoured by a more widespread knowledge of the English language. This paper deals with the beginnings of the influence of the English lexicon on German, focusing specifically on the 1900s, and especially in the vocabulary used for sports and social life. Various publications from the period have been reviewed to evaluate the success of attempts to stem the incoming flow of Anglicisms and create specifically German words.Comunmente se da por supuesto que la influencia del inglés en el vocabulario alemán comenzó tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Si bien es cierto que nunca, a lo largo de la historia de la lengua alemana, alcanzó las proporciones actuales, la entrada de anglicismos en alemán y los consiguientes recelos suscitados en algunos sectores por ella comenzó de forma significativa ya en la época del cambio de siglo. A finales del siglo XVIII menciona Kinderling ocho palabras de origen inglés presentes en alemán. 80 años después, Dunger consigna 148, pero a finales del siglo XIX se produjo una entrada masiva de anglicismos en alemán debido principalmente a la gran influencia en la sociedad alemana de la moda y las costumbres inglesas, muy especialmente

Topics: anglicisms; vocabulary; 19th century, anglicismos; vocabulario; siglo XIX
Publisher: Ediciones Complutense
Year: 2011
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