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By Clara Dian Andriani


This study was concerned on the effect of psychological rehabilitation for children who became the victims of violence done by their parents. Its purpose was to know and get the data about the psychological effect and the implementation of the effort of psychological rehabilitation for the victim children. There are two methods discussed in this study. The first method was normative law survey. This method was used to observe positive law norm in rules and regulations. The writer used secundary data consisted of primary, secundary, and tersier law materials. The writer described the system of rules and regulations in vertical and horizontal ways to get the applicable principle of law. Then the writer did grammatical law interpretation, systematically and teleologically. Secundary law materials were described in order to get an abstraction based on the purpose of this study. The writer did deductive method to conclude the data. The psychological effect for the children who were the victims of the violence were trauma, depression, aggressive, permanent invalid body, feeling servile. Rehabilitation is a prepare obligation treatment psychological, medical and law or repair measure rank and victim reputation. The psychological rehabilitation in the Trauma Center as done by the psychiatrists. They were helped by social workers. The activities done in order to ighten the trauma were disposal, relief, and physic and mental recovery through health checking and counselling. The victims psychology program arrangement were religi approach, counselling, family sating model, skill and travel therapy. Some factors which influenced parents became the violence doer were family poverty, unemployment, handicapped child, and divorced parents

Topics: Peradilan dan Penyelesaian Sengketa Hukum
Year: 2008
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Provided by: UAJY repository

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