Healthy aging in the context of nursing care


Healthy Ageing Programme is a concept which should have a significant influence on every resident in the countries where population median age has been quickly increasing. This topic of healthy ageing is the key issue of the given Master´s Diploma Thesis. At the present, our country is involved not only in several smaller-scale regional programmes focused on lives of seniors but also in the events of European importance. If we want to provide our seniors with a quality life in all aspects, it is necessary to encourage promoting Healthy Ageing Programme. The wide scope of activity is thus open, especially for nurses. The first objective develops the approach of seniors in the selected health-care facilities to healthy ageing. The second objective introduces the approach of a client before retirement age to the healthy ageing principles. Finally, the third objective specifies the role of general practice nurses in their support of clients before retirement age in their healthy ageing. Research questions included the following issues: the approach of a client at the age before retirement to the healthy ageing principles and the role of a general practice nurse and her support of the abovementioned clients. The given research also develops one hypothesis regarding the fact that personal objectives will change depending on barriers.Both qualitative and quantitative research was used in the given Diploma Thesis. An in-depth interview was conducted during the survey. Additional information was obtained on the basis of an opinion poll. Two research groups were used for the interview: the first one consisted of 11 respondents from the general practitioner´s outpation departments, the second research group consisted of 6 nurses working for the aforementioned departments. The total number of 150 respondents from the designated health-care facilities was selected for the survey during which they were answering the research questions. As a result, a large number of useful information was obtained. The clients' approach can be divided into several groups: leisure activities, education, workload, prevention and medical examinations, regimen, community nursing care, healthy ageing. The key roles of a nurse should take into consideration the following aspects: healthy ageing from the nurse´s point of view, prevention and geriatric nurse at the outpatient department, community nursing care, health support of the patients provided by a nurse. Information obtained from the interviews were interconnected and often corresponded with each other. Research questions are also followed by the given results. A nurse has a significant role in the area of education, provision of necessary information to the clients, promotion of prevention programmes informing the clients about the solution to their problems. The motivation of clients before retirement age is also crucial because it is at this age when people can influence their life, its length and quality. The survey also observes the general perception of people of an old age and changes in their point of view with age. The information collected from this survey may be also used in different studies in order to improve both quality of nursing care and motivation of the clients before their retirement

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