Actual Problems of Saving and Imprisonment of House Arrest in České Budějovice


This Bachelor?s Thesis on Actual Problems of Saving and Imprisonment of House Arrest in České Budějovice deals with the issues of home confinement. This institute has been active since 1.1.2010. The condition of its imposition is a letter of assurance from the convict that he will stay within the residence of a given address during the determined period. Thanks to this type of sentence the family, economic and other relations of the convict will remain intact as this sentence shouldn?t restrict the convict in his occupation or profession. Last but not least the government could also conserve service costs. The goal of this thesis was to research the issues of home confinement. Another part was discovering the problems associated with the imposition and carrying out of home confinement in České Budějovice and finding out how to solve these problems. To fulfill the goal of this thesis the two following questions had to be determined. The first question is aimed towards the problems accompanying the imposition and carrying out of home confinement in České Budějovice. Then it continues in finding solutions to the ascertained problems according to experts involved in this domain. The research was done in the form of a qualitative survey. The data was collected by a method of inquiry, the technique of structured conversation. The inquiry was done with ten respondents who where in some way involved with the issues of home confinement in České Budějovice. When concerning the questions of the survey the biggest problem which the respondents encountered looked to be the form of surveillance. Most of the respondents don?t believe that random inspections done by the probation officer are sufficient enough and are afraid of the obstruction of the sentence. Another problem is the housing of the convicts. Before the imposition of home confinement the conditions that may affect the imposition must be ascertained by the probation officer. Housing has been experienced to be very problematic by the respondents. The most common cases are when the owner of the residence does not agree with the sentence to be carried out. Another problem deals with the form of surveillance. It is just a mere legal adjustment. Even though it is listed in the penal code that the inspections are carried out by the Probation and Mediation Service with the help of the electronic surveillance system operator, electronic surveillance hasn?t yet been put into commission. The thesis then deals with methods of how to effectively solve or reduce these problems. For understandable reasons the motivation of the convict and his will to carry out the sentence is necessary. It?s able to respond to this problem with the legal adjustment by changing the law by introducing clear and accessible resources. In the case of the methods of surveillance it would be beneficial to establish an electronic surveillance system. This solution is backed by the respondents within the research survey and also by experts involved with home confinement in specialized literature. There is also an option of imposition of home confinement in certain cases instead of prison. Experience from abroad shows that custody in the form of home confinement isn?t a bad option. Considering the fact that custody is stricter than prison, home confinement could help secure the period before the legal decision. I assume that this thesis will help describe the institute of home confinement and will introduce readers with the positive as well as the negative sides of this institute and will provide solutions how to effectively solve these problems. Another assumption is that it will serve as research material for the expansion of the general knowledge and awareness about home confinement as well as feedback for people that are interested

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