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By 黃培倫


在這個新世代,人類在閱讀上已顛覆以往的習慣,電子書閱讀器市場潛力與行銷發展也形成巨大的空間及無限的商機,是新世紀的商業新潮流,由於Kindle 電子書閱讀器的熱賣,電子書閱讀器市場,似乎又邁入另一個高峰。也因此造就了電子紙應用市場也跟著快速成長;台灣廠商繼Notebook後, 似乎找到另一個新藍海產業。本研究針對電子書閱讀器其起源、發展、市場及行銷策略上作一探討及研究 其中最關鍵元件-電子紙模組之供應商即為”元太科技工業股份有限公司”,它占了電子紙90%的市場,為電子紙的全球最大供應商,因此本研究以”元太”為主要研究對象,來探討其供應鏈、經營策略、經營績效等,藉此了解電子書閱讀器的市場、應用面及未來創新發展。 本研究將配合波特的五力分析、SWOT分析加上政府政策、電子書閱讀器產業技術、市場及競爭等面向進行探討,並採用個案分析法,進行次級資料分析及人物訪談,藉此分析出該產業各作用力強弱組合,並進一步瞭解所欲進入該產業之廠商將面臨之挑戰。接著探討電子書閱讀器產業內的參與者及其相互關係,以台灣目前電子紙領導廠商「元太科技」為例做說明。得知電子書閱讀器確能確實滿足人類的根本需要,符合現階段的社會要求。架構出電子書閱讀器產業的關鍵成功因素以及電子書閱讀器的未來應用及商機潛力,以作為國內發展電子書閱讀器紙廠商之參考。透過分析,本研究發現電子書閱讀器產業關鍵成功因素在於技術突破及創造新市場應用,如此才能推動電子書閱讀器的產業變革,使其多元應用、商機無限,讓真正的無紙化時代來臨。In the new generation of human, reading has been the habit of subversion in the past. It is a new business trend of another century that the market potential and marketing development of e-book reader have developed a huge space and unlimited business opportunities. As a result of the best selling of e-book reader Kindle, the market of e-book reader seems to be advanced into another level. Therefore, it has also achieved the rapid growth of the application market of electronic paper. It seems that the manufactures in Taiwan explore another new industry of Blue-Sea following the Notebook. In this study, it has been taken a deep investigation and research from the origin, development, market and marketing strategy of the e-book reader. The PVI Industrial Co., Ltd, a supplier of the module of electronic paper which is one of the most critical element, accounts for 90% of the market of electronic paper and is the largest supplier in the world of the electronic paper. Therefore, PVI is applied as the main object in this study to explore its supply chain, marketing strategy, business performance, etc., in order to learn about the market, the application of innovation and future development of e-book reader. In this study, it is to explore by using Porter's five strength analyses, SWOT analysis, government policy, the industry technology of e-book reader, market and competition, etc. and also adopt the case analysis, the secondary data analysis and interviews. Therefore, it is to learn more about the challenge to face for which wants to enter this industry by using this analysis of the industrial strength mix of every effort. Then, it is to explore the participants and their mutual relations within the industry of the e-book reader. Based on the leading manufacturer of electronic paper in Taiwan "PVI" as an example of illustration. It is learned that E-book reader that can really meet with the basic needs of human beings, in accordance with the social requirements at this stage. It is to show the structure of the e-book reader industry that the key success factors as well as e-book reader applications in the future and potential opportunities to develop e-book reader as a domestic manufacturer of paper for reference. In this study through analysis, it is found that the key success factors of e-book reader industry is the creation of new technological breakthroughs and market applications, therefore, in order to promote the changes of e-book reader industry, so that to make multiple applications, business opportunities and the real paperless era

Topics: 電子紙, 電子書閱讀器, 五力分析, SWOT分析, Electronic paper, e-book reader, five strength analysis, SWOT analysis
Publisher: 國立政治大學
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