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Hybrid BLEU Algorithm For Structured Exam Management System

By Zulkifle Zulhana


Teaching and learning process is very essential in education. To evaluate teaching and learning process, many techniques can be applied for instance quiz, test, practical and so forth. However, after the assessment has been fulfilled, the lecturers need to spend time to check the assessment especially quiz and written test. Apart from that, other workloads do contribute to this scenario. Due to this problem, "Hybrid BLEU algorithm for Structured Exam Management System " is develop to aid the lecturers during assessment in the construction of quiz and test. This system incorporate algorithm BLEU into the expert system to check the answer and evaluate marks for every assessment. Apart from that, this system consist an expert system to check the spelling error when inserting the question into question bank by the lecturer whilst respond to the student assessment. This system has been conducted for Cyberpreneurship module at Community College Bandar Darulaman. Two classes with thirty students have tested to answer the test using this system. Based on the experimentation, the user (student) concludes that this system is user friendly. It has an attractive interface and easy to be comprehended by students. The students are not required to bring stationary whilst answering the question. Nevertheless, they concluded that this system should be in bilingual in order to take into consideration of the students' proficiency in English language. With the expert system to check the spelling error, can aid them in correcting the error. The lectures believed that this system can be upgraded according to the administration format. As a conclusion, this system has effectively aid the teaching and learning process at Community College

Topics: QA76 Computer software
Year: 2008
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