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    The Influence of occupational stressors on job performance among bank employees in Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam

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    Job performance is a way that person can show their ability and their skills in the organization. This is also a method or tool to know and to measure one employee's job in the organization and to make sure the employees are doing their job well. This also known as organizational psychology which deals at workplace. The purpose of this study is to investigate the influences of occupational stressors such Role Ambiguity (RA), Role Conflict (RC), Work Overload (WO) and Working Condition (WC) on job performance among bank employees in Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam. The objective of this study is to identify the factors and understand the factors which is becoming more challenging in their daily task. This also to determine the relationship and the effects of the factors and job performance of the employees. This study administered the survey methodology for data collection from 3 banks located in Kuala Lumpur and 4 banks in Shah Alam were chosen as the sample for this study. A simple random sampling procedure was used to select respondents from the respective banks within the zone of Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam. Five hypotheses were proposed in regards to the determinants of Job Performance. A structured questionnaires consisting of 30 questions were adopted from previous scholars for this study in order to measure four variables namely Role Ambiguity, Role Conflict, Work Overload and Working Condition. As of from 500 questionnaires handed out, only 369 were usable after the outlier assessment. The research was analyzed using descriptive as well as inferential statistics in order to measure the relationship of the variables and draw the inferences between the independent variables and the dependent variable. The research result indicated that there are strong relationships with role conflict and work overload. In the regression analysis, the data found that the role conflict and work overload have strong effects where the R square value is 36.8% towards the employee's job performance. In concluding the research, the management suggestions as well as suggestion for future research were discussed

    The effectiveness of anti-money laundering training

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    Banks are traditionally measured as pillars of economic prosperity. The best banking system will be able to ensure good production in all sectors of the economy. Money laundering is the process of providing legitimate appearance to the illegally gained revenue. Money laundering has the tradition of eroding the financial institutions and weakening the financial sector role in economic growth. All bank staff must aware on the money laundering activities and the impact of money laundering to the economic growth. The needs of Anti Money LaW1dering training has been increased in current situation. The purposed of this study is to find out the effectiveness of anti-money laundering (AML) training among Bank A staff. There are number of key conceptual models used to illustrate the relationship between factors significantly influence the effectiveness of training. The key conceptual models are used in this study is trainee characteristics, training design and work environment. All the three (3) models are the influencing factor in the effectiveness of training. Based on analysis it was found that training design and work environment have significant contribution to the effectiveness of AML training among Bank A staff. Hierarchically, these two factors are found have positive relationship with the effectiveness of AML training. Recommendation and implications for future research and practice were also discussed

    Growth strategy, entrepreneurial capability and business success of SMEs in Kedah

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    The purpose of this research is to investigate the business strategy and performance in Small and Medium-Sized enterprises (SMEs). The research focused on SMEs because of the importance of SMEs in the economy and the high percentage of them in the Malaysian business population. The present research examined the relationship between entrepreneurial capability, growth strategy and SMEs business success. The entrepreneurial capability consisted of entrepreneurial self-efficacy and improvisational behaviour, and growth strategy included product development strategy, market penetration strategy and market development strategy. This research used a survey methodology, then analysed by using a descriptive analysis, correlation and regression analysis. Findings showed that each independent variable had mixed results on SMEs business success. This study contributed to the flow of RBV and provided important contributions for practitioners in developing policies and strategies for business success among SMEs in Malaysia

    Fairness perceptions and income tax voluntary compliance among owners of micro enterprises in Jigawa State, Nigeria : the moderating role of trust

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    Taxation represents a very important source of revenue for the government of any nation for economic growth and is being looked upon as a panacea to the myriad of societal needs. Hence, this study examines the fairness perceptions in Jigawa State and their effects on voluntary tax compliance. Further, the study examined the moderating role of trust in explaining voluntary tax compliance in Jigawa State. For that purpose, a cross sectional study was conducted. 249 questionnaires were collected from the 450 questionnaires issued in Jigawa State. The data was analyzed using SPSS and PLS to answer the research questions. In particular, factor analysis was conducted to determine the type of fairness dimensions in Jigawa State after the amendment of the Personal Income Tax Act 2011. The Partial Least Square (PLS) path modeling was used in examining the relationship between fairness perceptions and voluntary tax compliance and the moderating role of trust. Findings from the factor analysis reveal that there are four dimensions of fairness perceptions in Jigawa State. The dimensions are exchange fairness, horizontal fairness, personal fairness and vertical fairness. Moreover, the results reveal that fairness perceptions and trust in authority have significant and positive relationships with voluntary tax compliance. Additionally, trust moderates the relationship between fairness perceptions and voluntary tax compliance. Based on these findings, the contributions, implications and the limitations of the study were discussed

    An extended information system success model for mobile learning usage in Saudi Arabia universities

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    The emergence of 4G networks allows m-learning to be attractive for educational systems. Mobile devices have the potential to enhance accessibility and efficiency distribution of educational materials and information. Developing countries, especially in the Middle East, lag behind as they face difficulties in the adoption and use of m-learning. Previous researches stated that the studies in the success of m-learning are still insufficient in developing countries, particularly in Saudi Arabia where the number of students involved in m-learning also constitutes low percentages. Nine factors that influence the success of m-learning are incorporated and evaluated into a research model. A quantitative approach was used, where questionnaires were sent to three universities in KSA. The contributing factors and the relationships between them were evaluated using a Structural Equation Modelling technique. The research revealed that information quality, user satisfaction (US), trust in technology, attitude, organisation support, trust in organisation, and the net benefits of m-learning positively influence m-learning usage. In addition, the results confirmed that user satisfaction is positively affected by system quality (SEQ), service quality (SQ), and net benefits (NB) of using (U) the system. The results also showed that there is a significant relationship between NB and US for m-learning technology. This study extends the previous research by providing a conceptual model for the successful execution of m-learning services in universities. This mediating effect of US explains the impact of independent variables (IQ, SEQ, SQ) on U. It also examined the mediating effect of U in explaining the influence of US on the NB using m-learning services. The findings of this study are valuable as input for the Ministry of Higher Education and practitioners concerned with successful m-learning services. This study constructed a new model to enhance the mobile learning usage among students in universities

    An Effectiveness Study Of Implementing Panoramic View Website To Promote Tourism In Phuket Island

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    At present the development of VR technology is expanding due to the important and needs to use the 3D elements and 360 degrees panorama. In expressing a clearer picture to consumers in various fields such as education, military, entertainment and so on. In live with the development the website panoramic view was developed as an alternative to the present widely website panoramic view. The web base system development in website panoramic view adapted the VR technology which makes use the Pixmeker Pro. The advantage of panoramic view in this website is that, view the location through 360 . The website provides only representation of the physical appearance and facilities available in the Phuket Island for assistance tourist

    Improving The Algorithm To Detect Internet Worms

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    Worm detection and response systems must act quickly to identify and quarantine scanning worms, as when left unchecked such worms have been able to infect the majority of vulnerable hosts on the Internet in a matter of minutes [53]. Active worm spread in an automated fashion and can flood the internet in a very short time. The aim of this project is to improved algorithm to detect internet worm by two sub algorithm. The first is detecting the internet worm and the second is detecting stealth internet worm. A new equation created for depending on the average failure connection. The study based on the comparison and analysis of many worm detection and containment strategies. The principle of this effective algorithm is an improved two rotation process to detect and contain all types of internet worms

    Persepsi Inspektor Kesihatan Kawalan Mutu Air Minuman Ke Atas Rekabentuk Kursus Kajian Kebersihan Di Dalam Mempertingkatkan Prestasi Kajian Kebersihan Sistem Bekalan Air

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    This research aims to enquire the perception of the Water Quality Health Control Inspector towards the course design executed annually by the Water Quality Control Unit; mainly on the sanitary survey of water supply system. In addition, this course design also aims to discover the influence over the job scope performance of the Health Inspector, whilst covering the research relating to the hygiene of the water supply system. The research tool employed for this descriptive exploration is in the form of questionnaires. These questionnaires are issued to 78 Health Inspectors who attended the related course, specifically associating to Water Supply System Control. This research tool highlights four major areas of research. There are the respondents' backgrounds, the course design, the targeted performance aspect and the open-ended questions. These questionnaires are then re-collected after four weeks from 49 active respondents. The percentage of effective response calculates to a 62.8% figure. These datas are then analysed through descriptive analysis, whereby the evaluation relating to performance and course design are analysed through regression analysis method. The research, has surfaced that the Health Inspector participating, stood as experienced specialist in water hygiene research. These inspectors stated that the duration, venue and method employed are at of satisfactory convenience. On the contrary, minor inconvenience forwarded by them are subjected to facilitators' expertise and course contents. Nevertheless, similarities obtained from regression analysis portrays that the course design pays an amount of influence over the Health Inspector performances. However, the model used as a yardstick is not at par to 95% possibilities. This is due to fact that interference of interchangable factors could highly influenced the Health Inspectors' performance whilst running the sanitary survey

    Gaya Komunikasi Pengurus Dan Hubungannya Dengan Kepuasan Komunikasi Pekerja

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    Communication is a dynamic process and it happens in all organizations. As a manager in an organization, the skill of communication is crucial because the ability to communicate is a managerial necessity. Good managers are good communicators. poor managers are most often poor communicators. Therefore this quote summarizes the assumed importance of the relationship between communication and management. On this note too, managers' communication style will affect the workers' communication satisfaction. Therefore the objective of this survey is to identify the correlation between the managers'communication style towards the workers' communication satisfaction. Using stratified random sampling, a set of questionnaire consisting of 38 items has been distributed to 136 respondents from a population of 210 workers at the Kedah State Education Department. Seven dimensions of managerial communication has been chosen for this survey and seven hypothesis has also been constructed to be tested in this study. Using Pearson Correlation r and the Mean Test, findings revealed that all the seven null hypothesis were rejected because there is a significant corellation between the managers' communication style towards the workers' communication satisfaction. It is hoped that this findings will give some insight to the administrators, programme planners and trainers as to how effective managerial communication is, especially to the administrators at Kedah State Education Department in handling and interacting with their workers towards a better rapport between administrators and workers

    Faktor-Faktor Penyebab Masalah Disiplin Di Kalangan Pelajar Di Sekolah Menengah Dalam Daerah Kubang Pasu

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    This study analyzes factors that cause discipline problems among secondary-school students in selected schools in the district of Kubang Pasu, Kedah. It also seek to determine the most dominant factor that affects secondary-school student discipline. The subjects of the research consist of 322 Form Four students selected from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Changlun, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Kayu Hitam, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Air Hitam, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tunku Bendahara. The sample was made up of 60.7 percent male and 39.3 percent female, of which 77 percent were 16 years of age, 21.1 prcent were above the age of 16 while the remaining percentage of respondents were 15 years of age. Date were collected using questionnaires that comprise three sections : a) respondents' demographic information, b) information regarding the prevalent types of discipline problems and c) information regarding the factors that cause discipline problems. The dependent variable under study is the discipline problems among secondary-school student while the independent variables are the cause factors that originate from the student themselves, families, peers and teachers. The data analysis is conducted into four section : a) descriptive analysis which provides demographic information about the respondent, b) frequency counts that show the frequency of respondent involvement in discipline problem in the period of one month, c) Cronbach's Alpha reliability test to identify cause factors among respondents and d) person correlation in used to determine the exixtance and strength of correlation between the dependent variables and the independent variables. Findings indicate that there are three independent variables that affect discipline problems, the most dominant of which is the respondents' peers. Family factor is shown not to have a statistically significant relationship with discipline problems among secondary-school students in the district of Kubang Pasu


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