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    Hubungkait antara tekanan kerja dan kepuasan kerja dengan komitmen di kalangan guru Sekolah Menengah di Negeri Perlis

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    Job stress and individual job satisfaction are often discussed and become an important issue. It can effect individual career commitment. However, past studies in this area are more focused on the private sector and less emphasis and given in the public sector. This attracted the researcher to carry out the study in the public sector and the focus of research was on teachers. The researcher conducted a study on the relationship between independent variables of stress and job satisfaction on the dependent variable commitment. The respondents in this study involved of 343 secondary school teachers in Perlis. A total of 343 questionnaires were distributed and out of that total only 205 questionnaires were returned within a response rate of 60%. A total of 49 items were formed using a five-point Likert scale. The data were analyzed using Statistic Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 22.0 using descriptive analysis and inferential analysis that is correlation analysis, regression and reliability test also analysis factor. The results showed the relationship between job stress and job satisfaction with commitment were significantly related

    Physical working condition, leadership style and compensation and its effect on teachers' job satisfaction of Sekolah Agama Rakyat (People's Religious School), Kedah

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    Employee job satisfaction is very important not only to employee himself but also to the organization. There are many researches were done to study on this field and the factors contributed. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of physical working condition, leadership style and compensation and its effect on teachers' job satisfaction in Sekolah Agama Rakyat @ SAR(People's Religious School) in Kedah. To attain the objective, quantitative method was used and data were collected through questionnaire among teachers in 28 Sekolah Agama Rakyat@ SAR in Kedah. 300 questionnaires were distributed and 200 questionnaires returned constituted 66.67% response rate. This study utilize reliability analysis, descriptive statistic, normality test, linearity test, Pearson correlation and regression analysis to examine the relationship between variables. The result show physical working condition have a great influence to job satisfaction. Leadership style also contribute in attain job satisfaction among teachers at Sekolah Agama Rakyat@ SAR Negeri Kedah. Furthermore, compensation also give impact to job satisfaction of teachers at Sekolah Agama Rakyat@ SAR Negeri Kedah. The study finding also shows that, compensation have a very strong relationship to job satisfaction among the teachers. All these element need to be taken into consideration by Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Negeri Kedah @ JHEAIK in enhancing job satisfaction among teachers at Sekolah Agama Rakyat @ SAR Negeri Keda

    Fun at work affect task performance in manufacturing companies

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    Manufacturing industries is one of the largest contributors to Malaysian economy. It has direct and significant contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) and job creation, and provides crucial inputs for the rest of the economy, thus having a significant effect on the investment of a country. Therefore it is important to make sure that this industry will keep doing well by time to time to maintain its performance. This study will examine one of the factors that might give some influence in this industry which is the fun at work. A total of 165 respondents have been identified for data collection during this study is conducted. 217 questionnaires were distributed to employees of different manufacturing companies in Penang. The data was analysed using Correlational to examine the relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variables. It is found that socializing with colleague, celebrating at work, global fun at work and personal freedom have relationship with task performance

    Bank lending and macroeconomic variables: empirical evidence from panel data

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    The aim of this research paper is to determine the impact of macroeconomic variables towards bank lending in the G7 countries over the period 2005 to 2015. This study tests the relationship between interest rate, employment, inflation and bank lending. In this study applied the panel ordinary least square (POLS) to examine the impact macroeconomic variables on bank lending. The findings show that interest rate, employment and inflation have significant impact towards bank lending

    E-Pembelajaran Untuk Matapelajaran Ekonomi

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    The study was carried out in order to produce a prototype courseware for economics subject. This is done due to lack of local e-learning materials and to assist economics teaching with the inclusion of multimedia and interactive elements in the teaching materials. Analysis, Design, Development, Implementanon and Evaluation (ADDIE) is the system methodology used in the study. The prototype was written in a compact disc. Thirty three students from Politeknik Mua'dzam Shah Jitra, Kedah tried and tested the courseware. They found that the courseware was interesting and combinations of multimedia elements in the courseware were useful in studying the subject

    Relevancy Of The Search Result Using A1 Techniques

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    For any search tools, the main objective is to improve the ratio of the number of hits to number of retrievals. The objective of this project is to develop an intelligent tool for determining the relevancy of the search result, with respect to users' keyword. Northern Light Power Search engine was used with specific keywords that are related to neural network. Hypertext and computer science domain was the focus of this study. An intelligent model that can categorize search result as relevant or irrelevant to the keyword specified was developed. This software development was divided into two parts, the first part concentrated on software development to count and categorized keyword in pre-defined format. The second part focus on software development for neural network model with autodetermining capability. Java programming language was used as the programming language to develop the software. Multilayer Perceptron was utilizes as the neural network model implemented in this study. Generic layer and notation of neural network formula were derived from classical model. Prior to the Multilayer Perceptron software development, the data from hypertext keyword counter software was used in "Neural Connection" to confirm the best result that could be acheved. The result from "Neural Connection" has achleved more than 96%. However, the results produced by the developed software decreased by 15%. This may due to the fact that the developed software used non-linear activation function at hidden as well as the output layer

    Organizational justice, corporate citizenship and work engagement. A mediating effect of organizational trust in the Malaysian banking sector

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    The main objective of this research was to determine the relationship between corporate citizenship, organizational justice and work engagement mediated by organizational trust among the employees in commercial banks in Malaysia. This study was motivated by the increase in the number of employees being terminated by their employers in the Malaysian commercial banks due to absenteeism, lack of integrity, missing from the workplace, unpunctuality, failure to complete assignments, frequent medical leave and absent without leave which signal the lack of work engagement among the employees. In times of stiff competition, work engagement is vital for ensuring performance and profit for commercial banks. Seven main hypotheses and 14 sub-hypotheses were developed. Corporate citizenship had four dimensions: perceived economic, legal, ethical and discretionary. Organizational justice had three dimensions: distributional, procedural and interactional; and work engagement had three dimensions: vigor, absorption and dedication. The study’s sample comprised of commercial bank employees and out of the 411 responses received, only 396 were accepted and used for analysis. This study found that corporate citizenship and organizational justice have significant effects on work engagement, and organizational trust plays an important mediating role in the corporate citizenship-organizational justice-work engagement relationship. However, organizational trust has an insignificant effect on work engagement. It is suggested to the management of commercial banks to increase activities in corporate citizenship, and practice fairness, which can increase the level of organizational trust in enhancing work engagement. Future researchers can include a new variable such as job satisfaction, and expand the research area to other industries

    Hubungan Antara Tekanan Pengurusan Dengan Gaya Kepimpinan Di kalangan Guru Besar Di Daerah Kuala Muda, Yan, Kedah

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    The objective of the study is to identify the relationship between administrative stress and the style of leadership of headmaster in the district of Kuala Muda Yan in the state of Kedah Darul Aman. In detail, the study will identify: i. demographic types of headmasters; ii. level of administrative stress between headmasters; iii. type of leadership style of headmasters; and iv. relationship between leadership style with administrative stress. This study involved headmasters of primary schools in Kuala Muda, Yan. 30 headmasters were involved as respondents in this study. The data were collected using questionaire instrument and data analysis was done using The Statistical Package for School Science (SPSS). The data were analysed using the descriptive statistic method to decide on the frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and pearson correlation. The result of the study has shown that, most respondents are prone to the style of supportive leadership at high level. In all, it is found that the level of leadership style of respondents is moderate. Meanwhile, administrative stress shows that aspects of administrative facilities created the highest stress of the four categories of stress that have and at high level of stress. Administrative stress of the administrative facilities category saw more than half of the respondents were at high level. Nonetheless, in entirety the level of administrative stress that is experienced by the respondents are at the moderate level. The study also found that there is a significant relationship between administrative stress in the category of school relationship with the style of directed leadership. The study also found that there exist a significant relationship between administrative stress in the category of administrative facilities with the style of participative leadership. Other than that, there is a significant relationship between administrative stress in the category of routine administration with the style of participative leadership. According to the study's result, it is suggested that headmasters should be given constant exposure to the style of leadership that is suitable with the school environment and knowledge on the steps to overcome and handle stress

    The effectiveness compensation & benefits and performance appraisal on employee engagement among employees in Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad (FGVHB)

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    The study aims to examine the relationship between compensation & benefits and performance appraisal to the employee engagement among employees in Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad (FGVHB). The questionnaire was distributed to approximately 400 randomly selected employees under Cluster and Division in FGVHB, of which a total of 385 responses were obtained. However only 377 questionnaires were completed and used for the analysis of this study. The data were analysed analyzed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 22.0. The statistical method of Pearson correlation was employed to determine the existence of any relationships between compensation & benefits and performance appraisal with employee engagement. Regression analysis was conducted to examine which independent variables predict the Employee Engagement and Cronbach Alpha was used for further illustrate the reliability test. Throughout the statistical analysis of correlation analysis, it is found that there is a significant relationship between the two variables, which are compensation & benefits and performance appraisal with dependent variable: Employee Engagement. This study will help for FGVHB to improve on its current employee engagement initiatives, also further enhance and develop more engagement initiatives to improve engagement level in FGVHB. Likewise, limitation and recommendation for future research direction were also deliberated in this study

    (Mobile Government) Mobile - Tourism Services Providers Guide System

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    One of the prevailing tendencies of the modern communication technology is tourism services providers guide system, the interaction of the government, tourism services providers and the citizens or the tourists wherever they go. The processes in a tourism service providers guide intends to improve the performance of specific tasks which may include define service providers (hotels, car rental, airlines, travel agency) supervised by one administrator. Furthermore, any service providers can login and edit for special profile information. This system will provide searching access for main information about tourism Services providers in the Jordan for any citizens or tourists anywhere, and at any time, quickly and easily, using mobile technology. Finally, the system is tested and the result confirms that the proposed system
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