The diverse magneto-optical selection rules in bilayer black phosphorus


The magneto-optical properties of bilayer phosphorene is investigated by the generalized tight-binding model and the gradient approximation. The vertical inter-Landau-level transitions, being sensitive to the polarization directions, are mainly determined by the spatial symmetries of sub-envelope functions on the distinct sublattices. The anisotropic excitations strongly depend on the electric and magnetic fields. A uniform perpendicular electric field could greatly diversify the selection rule, frequency, intensity, number and form of symmetric absorption peaks. Specifically, the unusual magneto-optical properties appear beyond the critical field as a result of two subgroups of Landau levels with the main and side modes. The rich and unique magnetoabsorption spectra arise from the very close relations among the geometric structures, multiple intralayer and interlayer hopping integrals and composite external fields

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City University of New York

Last time updated on 04/09/2019

This paper was published in City University of New York.

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