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Conflict in Tourism Development

By Mark P. Hampton, Tim Jeonglyeol Lee and Michael Riley


This paper analyzes the political involvements and relationships that influenced the progress of a tourist heritage site in a Newly Industrialized Country. It explores the dynamics of collaboration and shows how the advantages can turn into conflict and inertia over time.\ud Using evidence from South Korea it outlines the continuing discord among the interested groups, investigates the relationships that surround the developmental process, and\ud demonstrates how perceptual differences became embedded. The paper’s findings show that the avoidance of ambiguity of structure and of purpose are essential goals for management,irrespective of common good and levels of goodwill within the project. The paper illustrates\ud that a structure dominated by power relations leads to conflict and inertia caused by alienation, and emphasizes the need for collaborative structures in cultural heritage tourism development.\ud \u

Topics: GV, H1, JQ
Publisher: Kent Business School, University of Kent
Year: 2008
OAI identifier:

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