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Dielectric and Ferroelectric Properties of Lead-Free NKN and NKN-Based Ceramics

By J. Suchanicz, Ilze Smeltere, A. Finder, K. Konieczny, B. Garbarz-Glos, R. Bujakiewicz-Koronska, M. Latas, M. Antonova, A. Sternberg and M. Sokolowski


Lead-free ceramics of Na 0.5K 0.5NbO 3 (NKN), Na 0.5K 0.5(Nb 0.94Sb 0.06)O 3 (NKNS6) and Na 0.5K 0.5(Nb 0.94Sb 0.06)O 3 + 0.5%MnO 2 (NKNS6 + 0.5%MnO 2) have been prepared by a solid phase hot pressing sintering process. X-ray diffraction results show that the obtained samples possess the perovskite structure. The micrograph of the fractured surface showed a dense structure in a good agreement with that of 91-94% relative density determined by the Archimedes method. An average grain size decreases with Sb and Mn doping (from about 20 μm for NKN to about 5 and 2 μm for NKNS6 and NKNS6 + 0.5%MnO 2, respectively). Low frequency (100 Hz-200 kHz) investigations revealed the diffuse phase transitions. It was found that Mn or Sb doping influence dielectric and ferroelectric properties. The pyroelectric and hysteresis loops measurements show that the samples are ferroelectric with a relatively large remanent polarization (18- 55 μC/cm 2) and a low coercive field (7-10 kV/cm). The obtained results are discussed in the framework of foreign ions/lattice imperfections, which create local electric and elastic fields. The obtained materials are considered to be promising candidates for lead-free electronic ceramic

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