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Kajian Komparasi Kerajinan Gerabah Di Desa Jasri Kabupaten Karangasem Dan Di Desa Tojan Kab. Klungkung

By Akbar Ali


ABSTRACT\ud \ud The comparative study of pottery is conducted because of it concerned of\ud the number of artisans, insights, tools, and other types of pottery produced in the\ud two villages. Lack of interest from the younger generation to continue and\ud preserve the craft of pottery that have been passed down from generation to\ud generation. The types of pottery produced was limited to religious ceremonies and\ud household appliances.\ud The purpose and benefits of this study was to determine the potential of\ud comparative pottery in the Jasri village and the Tojan village, and widen the\ud insight into the form, type and process of pottery to be produced, so it is followed\ud in by various marketing and production mix which is attractive to many, where as\ud the interests from young people and relevant agencies are derived the prospect of\ud more traditional pottery from.\ud The method used qualitative descriptive, comparative analysis of the data\ud collection techniques are discussed: the study of literature, observation,\ud interviews, documentation, online in both villages are:\ud Craftsman: Craftsmen in the Jasri village are more than Tojan village, and is\ud dominated by the woman. Raw materials and processing: Craftsman equally\ud obtain raw materials from other areas and the processing of single clay use\ud (without mixture of other ingredients). Methods of shaping: The difference is\ud using a simple potter’s wheel or a traditional one. The types of production: pottery\ud in the village of Jasri more varied than Tojan pottery. Firing processes: Craft in\ud the Jasri village do the firing process outside the kiln, while in the village of Tojan\ud do the firing process inside the kiln. Marketing: Craft in the Jasri village and the\ud Tojan village equally market their products through traditional markets and direct\ud orders. Pricing: Craft in the Jasri village and the Tojan village define the price\ud based on the size and process dificulties.\ud Conclusion: Craft in the Jasri village and the Tojan village have\ud differences in terms of: The number of artisans, the process of formation,\ud equipment, product type and equality in the field of materials processing, several\ud types of products and marketing.\ud Keywords: Comparison, Pottery, Jasri, Tojan

Topics: NX Arts in general
Publisher: ISI Denpasar
Year: 2012
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