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Flood alert notification system (FANoS)

By Herdawatie Abdul Kadir, Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab, Mohd Farhan Mohamad Mohsin, ´╗┐Hairulazwan Hashim and Ahmad Nurfaqih Ahmad Tajuddin


In Malaysia, flood is one of the most common disasters that happen especially in monsoon time at the end of the year; where it will cause death and property lost. Today the human activities is the major problem that contribute for this disaster such as uncontrolled development, obstruction in river, forest harvested that damage rain catchment area and others factor that contributes to flood. In many rural area in Malaysia to detect flood occurance public use conventional way to predict phenomena ; where a they will keep watch for some anticipated event near the river side. This action is risky by observing at the area that had known in danger. The public sometimes have it own humanity weakness, this will affect the result collected. Therefore, a project based on human and properties protection from flood is designed. In this "Flood Alert Notification System" (FANoS), the LCD display were used to show the water level indication to the public ; where it will be placed at selected zone area so the resident will always know and be alert . When FANoS detect dangerous water level, the siren will be alarm and send short message service (SMS) to resident and the authority using GSM (Global System for Mobile) mobile phone. The device plays an important role in maintaining and monitoring the safety of properties and human life. The FANoS has two main systems, the detection system and the action system. The detection system operates as the flood detect by using flood detector. In this project there is three level of water. Level l(normal), level 2(chary) and level 3(critical). Once the level 3 detected, the flood sensor will send a signal to microcontroller. The microcontroller will trigger the action system that contains four parts which is the LCD display unit, LED unit, siren unit and SMS unit. The LCD will show the condition of river. While the LED will turn red. The siren will emit sound. Finally the system will alert the resident by send a simple message in the form of SMS through the SMS unit. This system will help residence to act before the flood becomes worst and avoid from being trap in flood

Topics: TK5101-5865 Telecommunication. Telegraph.
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