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    La struttura dei contenuti nello sviluppo del courseware

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    Innovazione nella scuola, ICT e docenti pionieri

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    Insegnanti e studenti che producono

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    Un giornalino scolastico realizzato dai ragazzi Down

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    Consonantal and vocalic gestures in the articulation of italian glide /w/ at different syllable positions

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    Glides have been a challenging sound category from both a phonological and phonetic perspective and this is especially true for Italian. In this language four different glides can be distinguished based on their position in a syllable (pre or post-vowel), grouped together as either "semi-consonanti" (/j/ and /w/) or "semi-vocali" (/i̯/ and /u̯/). As most studies on Italian glides have utilized acoustic data, there is little information on actual articulatory characteristics. In this paper, we present a detailed kinematic analysis of both consonantal and vocalic gestures involved in the production of one specific glide (/w/) using 3D electro-magnetic articulography (EMA). The findings allow us to distinguish between different theoretical frameworks on the nature of glides and interpret possible changes in their pro-duction in relation to variations in speech rate and position in the syllable

    AmI Systems as Agent-Based Mirror Worlds: Bridging Humans and Agents through Stigmergy

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    In this chapter we introduce a vision of agent-oriented AmI systems that is extended to integrate ideas inspired by MirrorWorlds as introduced by Gelernter at the beginning of the eighties. In this view, AmI systems are actually a digital world mirroring but also augmenting the physical world with capabilities, services and functionalities.We then discuss the value of stigmergy as background reference conceptual framework to define and understand interactions occurring between the physical environments and its digital agent-based extension. The digital world augments the physical world so that traces left by humans acting in the physical world are represented in the digital one in order to be perceived by software agents living there and, viceversa, actions taken by software agents in the mirror can have an effect on the connected physical counterpart

    Deterrence and transmission as mechanisms ensuring reliability of gossip

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    Spreading information about the members of one\u27s group is one of the most universal human behaviors. Thanks to gossip, individuals can acquire the information about their peers without sustaining the burden of costly interactions with cheaters, but they can also create and revise social bonds. Gossip has also several positive functions at the group level, promoting cohesion and norm compliance. However, gossip can be unreliable, and can be used to damage others\u27 reputation or to circulate false information, thus becoming detrimental to people involved and useless for the group. In this work, we propose a the- oretical model in which reliability of gossip depends on the joint functioning of two distinct mechanisms. Thanks to the first, i.e., deterrence, individuals tend to avoid informational cheating because they fear punishment and the dis- ruption of social bonds. On the other hand, transmission provides humans with the opportunity of reducing the consequences of cheating through a manipulation of the source of gossip

    Language, altruism and docility: how cultural learning can favour, language evolution

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    Human language serves a number of different functions, one of the most prominent being communicating about relevant features of the environment. From the point of view of the speaker, if the communicated information is advantageous for the hearer but not for the speaker, this is an altruistic use of language, and, as such, it requires an explanation of its evolution. Simon 1990 proposed an explanation of altruism in humans based on the genetically inherited \u27docility\u27 of our species. In this paper we present artificial life simulations that apply Simon\u27s ideas to the problem of the emergence of the altruistic use of language described above. From the point of view of evolutionary theory, the present work represents the first attempt to test Simon\u27s \u27docility\u27 theory of altruism with agent-based computer simulations. From the point of view of language evolution, our simulations give an original explanation of (the altruistic aspect of) human language based on one of its most peculiar characteristic, namely, the fact that it is culturally transmitte

    Ontologies, rules and linked data to support Crisis Managers Training

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    In a catastrophic event, human behaviour determines the efficacy of crisis management. Timeliness of reactions and exactness of decisions are the most relevant factors. In this context, training plays an important role to prepare Crisis Managers. To re-create crisis scenarios, PANDORA employs a Crisis Planner based on Timeline-based Planning and Scheduling technologies. This Planner creates training storyboards of "events" for the trainees (e.g. news videos, phone calls or e-mails) and "reacts" to trainees\u27 strategic decisions, triggering consequent events to continue the training session. To simulate the scenario, a great effort is required to understand the problem specificity and to model the relevant aspects. Within the PANDORA project, we are building the Crisis Knowledge Base (CKB) collecting and maintaining the "knowledge" about crisis scenarios and training sessions

    Il tempo di gioco dei bambini di Roma

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    The study investigates the playing time of the children of Rome, and analyzes how children spend their free time, where and with whom. Emerge important differences related to gender and age of the children.Lo studio indaga il tempo di gioco dei bambini di Roma, considerando quanto tempo libero hanno a disposizione i bambini, come lo trascorrono, dove e con chi. Emergono importanti differenze legate al genere e alla et? dei bambini


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